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writer :
Jennifer Wright

I have been writing since middle school, completing my first novel in a spiral-bound notebook at age thirteen. Not to toot my own horn, but it did become an instant hit among my fellow seventh graders. I eventually went on to receive a Bachelor's degree in Communications and English at Indiana State University and a Master's in Journalism at Indiana University in an attempt to pursue my ultimate dream of becoming a news reporter. However, it took only a few short months of covering the local news for me to realize that writing fiction is better for the soul and definitely way more fun.

A born and bred Hoosier, I was plucked from the Heartland several years ago after being swept off my feet by an Air Force pilot. I've spent the last ten years traveling the world and returning to my fiction roots. I've learned to "bloom where I'm planted" and appreciate the creativity this nomadic lifestyle affords me.

I am actively seeking an agent for my two completed novels, 'Ghosts of Our Present' and 'The Grimm.'


Julie Evans drove over 2,000 miles to escape her ghosts.

Harold Bills moved home to reconcile with his.

Neither of them succeeded.

Two journeys, separated by dozens of years and thousands of miles, intersect when Julie Evans, reluctant heir to the throne of a small town paper, stumbles upon Harold Bills, failed business man and anti-social hermit, in the abandoned town of Badwater, Nevada. Sensing a story that can skyrocket her fledgling career and prove she has what it takes to make it in a big city market, she convinces the old man to tell his tale. Through his story, she travels with him through the nineteenth century, from the heyday of a desert mining town and the glory days of Las Vegas to the steady decay of a way of life that took countless souls down with it.

As a boy, Badwater was Harold's whole world. He and his best friend Will spent hours roaming the surrounding mountains, searching for the lost gold rumored to be hidden within its depths, certain the riches will solve the problem of poverty in their struggling town. But when World War II and the subsequent death of his father force Harold from his desert cocoon, his eyes are opened to the ways of the world beyond his sleepy little town. Unable to reconcile what he's seen with the distrusting view of the world held by Badwater's inhabitants, he ventures into Las Vegas, seeking to matter in a town where only the very rich are invited to play. But balancing his small town life with his big city dreams proves more difficult than he imagined, and he soon finds himself at risk of losing everything--and everyone--who once meant so much.

The deeper they delve into Harold's memories, the more Julie recognizes the similarities in her own journey. Desperate to escape the suffocating demands of her small, Midwestern town, she flees to Las Vegas, abandoning her family institution and putting as much distance as she can between herself and the memory of a mother who never wanted her. However, she struggles to shed her small town skin and faces disappointment after disappointment, not only from her hometown crowd, but from her Las Vegas counterparts as well. In a frantic attempt to succeed, she pitches an idea that gains her boss's approval, her friends' disdain, and her own sense of self-loathing.

Will either character ever escape the ghosts who’ve forever haunted their lives? Will Julie learn from Harold’s mistakes? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?


Joshua Grimsley is not who he thought he was.

He thought he was a nerdy, bookish fifteen year-old boy with aspirations of becoming a writer. He thought he was the man of the house since his father’s passing two years ago. He thought he was kid getting ready for a boring summer vacation.

One letter from Germany changed all that.

In the care of his mysterious and reclusive great-grandmother, Joshua learns the truth: he is a direct descendant of the famous Brothers Grimm, another in a long line of storytellers fighting an terrible curse, brought on by the sinister Oleander Queen and her band of fairy tale misfits. Their stories give her power--and have the potential to give Joshua everything he ever wanted. Will he give in to temptation? Or will he be the Grimm the world has always needed, breaking free from the snare of prestige to serve a land held captive by the Queen's murderous ways?

Interested in reading more? Both manuscripts are completed and just waiting for a home. Are you the right fit?

This writer is looking for an agent
General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Historical Fiction, New Adult Fiction
'Ghosts of Our Present,' a 135,000-word historical drama
'The Grimm,' a 50,000-word YA fantasy