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writer :
Diane Glazman

For developmental editing:

Many of my clients come to me knowing their manuscript isn’t working, but they just don’t know why. They are often discouraged having been to workshops or writing groups – all of whom have given advice and feedback, all of which was good and sound, but didn’t quite do the trick. In a number of instances, they have turned to me as a last resort before giving the manuscript up for good. I have a talent for getting to the heart of the work, for understanding the way imagery and motifs work together to underscore the major themes of the book, and creating the pacing and layering of information and effect so all the components of your work pull together as one cohesive whole. A number of my clients have told me that my feedback has gotten them not only reinvested in the work, but excited to dive back in to another revision because they finally know what they need to do and have the confidence that it will work.

My unique skill set that combines years of formal and informal study in craft (BA and MFA in fiction, numerous workshops and classes, extensive reading) with a keen sense of the demands of the publishing industry. I have worked as a submissions reader and editor for a literary agent as well as spent many years as a freelance writer ghosting articles and books. In addition, I have spent over a decade as a creative writing teacher so I edit with an eye toward helping you become a better writer, not just write a better book.

I offer a First 50 evaluation as well as full manuscript developmental editing and coaching.

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Fiction writing, Developmental editing
General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Upmarket, Contemporary women's fiction, New Adult, YA, Speculative/SF/F
I am overwhelmed by the quality of your work. Your suggestions and insights have changed my relationship to my manuscript. I actually enjoy the revising process under your guidance. Your feedback gives me an invaluable conceptual scaffolding and a better understanding of my own work. Seriously, you are amazing and the most helpful person I have ever worked with. – Missy Wilkinson

I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your edit, for taking the book to a whole new level and being able to communicate concepts and structure and ideas that no one else had up to that point. You are really good at that. You are incredibly talented and really have a gift. I really do feel I owe you so much. – Emily Drake Carpenter, Burying the Honeysuckle Girls (Lake Union Publishing, April 2016)

What You'll Know Tomorrow

Born with a near-perfect memory, Matt has never forgotten anything until his older brother dies in a car accident. He wakes in damp clothes, knowing nothing beyond the moment his brother came into his room the night before. Trying to fill in the blanks, Matt discovers that, although he remembers everything perfectly, the truth is something completely different. Perfect recall is not perfect knowledge.

What You'll Know Tomorrow is upmarket fiction with YA cross-over potential.

I am an alumna of Squaw Valley Writers’ Workshop, Lit Camp, and Writers@Work. I hold an MFA in fiction from San Francisco State University and am a former student Artist-in-Residence at Recology (aka: the San Francisco dump), for which I created a gallery-show of visual and text-based artwork constructed from recycled and repurposed items brought to the dump’s public disposal area. My work has been published in several journals including CALYX and sparkle + blink. In addition, I am an award-winning photographer and former freelance writer with more than 250 by-lined articles published on a vast and random variety of topics including finance, travel, health, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Holocaust survivors, and the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am a volunteer with the National Park Service's Mounted Patrol in the Marin Headlands.

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Lit Camp, spring, 2013
Squaw Valley Fiction Workshop, summer 2012

MFA in Fiction, San Francisco State University
Vicki Hudson MFA Scholarship recipient.
Student Artist-in-Residence, San Francisco Disposal and Recycling.

BA in Creative Writing and Literature, Binghamton University