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writer :
Diane Glazman

If you are looking for a developmental editor:

My background as a writer, creative writing instructor, and former submissions reader and editor for a literary agent gives me a unique skill set with a deep understanding of both the art and business of writing. I also have the ability to convey to a writer what works and what doesn’t in a way that strengthens not only the manuscript, but the writer’s natural gifts as well.

I enjoy working with writers from varied backgrounds and experiences. My client base is diverse and international, hailing from locations throughout the world, and I am especially interested in working with writers from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Past and current clients include national/international award winners, New York Times best sellers and Amazon top sellers.

I work with writers at every stage of the process from initial draft to final revision, and specialize in literary, upmarket, commercial, YA, contemporary women’s, erotica, and fantasy. I have experience with both traditional publishing as well as indie publishing and can help a writer choose the best path for them and their work.

what I do
I look at big picture issues such as structure, voice, pace, information flow, intention and execution, narrative and character arcs, continuity, and reoccurring themes, images, and motifs, as well as more focused issues of language, repetition, transitions between scenes and chapters, subtext, and point of view. I provide clients with an extensive overview document as well as in-doc notes and am available to answer questions and provide clarification after the edit is completed.

I don't see issues in a manuscript in terms of good or bad, or right or wrong, rather I seek to understand a writer's intentions and focus on whether the elements are working effectively and how, if the elements are not working, the manuscript can be strengthened based on what's already on the page. It's my job as an editor to help the writer figure out the best way to tell the story they want to tell. With my experience in the publishing industry, I know what's happening in the current marketplace and can help writers develop their work with an eye towards publication, no matter if their goal is traditional, small press, or independent/self-publishing.

2022 rates
First 50 Query Package Evaluation: $300
Review and detailed feedback of your first fifty manuscript pages along with suggestions, if applicable, on how to revise; comments and/or edit of your query letter and 1- or 3-page synopsis (If you decide to hire me to do a full manuscript edit within a year of the completed First Fifty, I reduce the full mss fee by $150). The first fifty pages and query letter often reveal systemic problems with the manuscript, and my feedback will discuss those issues if they arise.

Full Manuscript Edit:
Under 80,000 words - $2,500
80,000 - 90,000 words - $2,750
90,000 - 100,000 words - $3,000
over 100,000 words - quote on per project basis

All full manuscript rates include an additional five hours of consultation that can be used for brainstorming, reading of revised chapters, or Q & A.

I also offer an option for a full read-through of the revised manuscript within one year of the completed edit for 15% of the original fee (for example: the fee for a read-through of an 87,000 word manuscript would be $412). Please note, this is only an option for manuscripts I have previously worked on.

Please be aware that I am usually booked several months in advance, so it's best to contact me as soon as you start looking for an editor.

Developmental editing, Book Doctor
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Upmarket and literary, New Adult, YA, Fantasy, Contemporary women's, Queer romance and erotica, LGBTQIA
Working with Diane Glazman changed the way I think about my novel. She helped me pinpoint what wasn't working and envision a stronger, more compelling structure. Diane has a keen sense of storytelling and a discerning eye for themes. Besides being an incredibly talented editor, she is a kind, supportive and inspiring person. I can't recommend her highly enough! -- Olivia Katrandjian

I would totally recommend Diane Glazman-she gave me a most thoughtful and insightful read of my manuscript. The first agent I sent it to took me on -- Sheena MJ Cook

I am overwhelmed by the quality of your work. Your suggestions and insights have changed my relationship to my manuscript. I actually enjoy the revising process under your guidance. Your feedback gives me an invaluable conceptual scaffolding and a better understanding of my own work. Seriously, you are amazing and the most helpful person I have ever worked with. -– Missy Wilkinson

I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your edit, for taking the book to a whole new level and being able to communicate concepts and structure and ideas that no one else had up to that point. You are really good at that. You are incredibly talented and really have a gift. I really do feel I owe you so much. –- Emily Drake Carpenter, Burying the Honeysuckle Girls (Lake Union Publishing, April 2016)

BookEnds Fellow 2019, SUNY-Stony Brook, mentored by Meg Wolitzer, Susie Merrell, and Fiona Maazel
Lit Camp, spring, 2013
Squaw Valley Fiction Workshop, summer 2012

MFA in Fiction, San Francisco State University
Vicki Hudson MFA Scholarship recipient
Student Artist-in-Residence, San Francisco Disposal and Recycling
Finalist, Nevada Arts Council Prose Fellowship (twice)
Recipient, Sierra Arts Foundation development grant
Recipient, Nevada Arts Council Jackpot grant
BA in Creative Writing and Literature, Binghamton University