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agent :
Helen Zimmermann
Zimmermann Literary Agency
Helen Zimmermann

Zimmermann Literary is a boutique agency focusing on establishing long relationships and sustainable writing careers for all clients.

Having worked both in the marketing department of a major publishing house and as the events director at an independent bookstore, Helen has valuable insight into the life of each book project that comes her way. She is aggressively seeking primarily non-fiction, memoir and books by highly regarded professionals in the fields of health/fitness, relationships, women's issues, and lifestyle.

Zimmermann Literary represents a number of award winning and New York Times Bestselling authors.

Zimmermann Literary launched PROJECT PUBLISH in the fall of 2013, a video course to help aspiring writers learn the ins and outs of book publishing. (

years experience: 24
General fiction, Health, Sports, Memoir, Relationships, Health/Fitness, Women's Issues, Popular Culture, Music
Chrisanna Northrup, Pepper Schwartz, Kent Hartman, Nell Stephenson, Susan Richards, Charley Rosen, Joe Vogel, Jack Perkins, Pamela Olson, Jim Afremow, Eric Kester.
Chosen by A Horse, by Susan Richards (Soho/Harcourt), The Normal Bar by Chrisanna Northrup (Crown), The Wrecking Crew by Kent Hartman (St. Martin's), The Champion's Mind by Jim Afremow (Rodale)
I prefer email queries.

Please understand it is not possible for me to respond to every query. If I am interested, you will hear from me within two weeks.

For non-fiction, put your pitch letter in the body of the email, please no attachments until I express interest.

For fiction, I ask that you put the synopsis, author bio, and first 20 pages in the body of the email.