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Heather Cashman
Storm Literary Agency

Founded in 2014, Storm Literary Agency is a boutique agency representing quality children's literature from exceptional authors and illustrators.
I’m currently seeking submissions for middle grade and young adult.

I want stories that encourage children—and all of us—to be the heroes and heroines of our own lives. Working with authors as a collaborative partner is a dream come true.
For fiction, I’ll consider all genres and love a good genre splice. For non-fiction, anything that teaches me about someone, something, and somewhere new in a creative and fun way.

For all writing, I enjoy unique characters formed from their own experiences in a unique world. The characters need to feel real with a distinct voice from the first line. Thematic elements and strong character arcs are a must. My favorite books are commercial fiction with a literary flair and inclusive books that bring us together as citizens of the world.

For information about Storm Literary Agency, please visit our site at

Juvenile fiction, Children's books
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I edited professionally for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy in middle grade, young adult, and adult books. Working as Managing Director of Pitch Wars, #PitMad, and Pitch Madness, I’ve helped many authors navigate the publishing arena as well as being a Pitch Wars mentor.

Before becoming an associate agent at Storm Literary Agency, I interned for three years at The Bent Agency and then Entangled Publishing. I’ve consulted and edited for authors from the pre-query stage all the way through multiple publications and am excited to continue helping authors as their agent.

I’m actively building my list in middle grade and young adult fiction of all types and genres.

If you think you might be a good fit for me, please use the following guidelines:

I only take email submissions at with "Query TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT" in the subject line of your email. (No need for the quotes.)
For middle grade and young adult, send the first twenty pages in the body of your email below your query letter and signature. Links to social media platforms are appreciated.

For non-fiction, please send a query, signature with social media links and relevant information for your platform, and the proposal attached as a Word doc(x). The proposal should include a sample chapter.

Please send one project/proposal at a time. If interested, I'll contact you for the full. Please, don't send any more information for this project than what has been requested, especially if I've passed on your original submission. No reply to a rejection is needed. If you’ve made significant rewrites on a manuscript and it still fits my updated wish lists, you can resubmit it after six months.