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packager, editor :
Glasstown Entertainment
Glasstown Entertainment

Featured most recently in Fast Company and Businessweek, Glasstown Entertainment (formerly Paper Lantern Lit) is a boutique team of editors and tastemakers who create story content across multiple forms. Founders Lexa Hillyer and Lauren Oliver call themselves the “story architects” because they develop fabulous concepts from the ground-up and nurture up and coming writers, building a platform for success. In two years, PLL has already sold 25 titles to major publishing houses, acquired dozens of foreign deals, and received multiple options with major movie and television studios, including a year-long first-look stint with Fox 2000. PLL titles have received high accolades including multiple starred reviews, and garnered impressive online followings. The founders and their PLL editorial team are considered the go-to curators of great commercial storytelling. They create product that has both hit potential and real quality. They are represented by Stephen Barbara of Foundry Literary and Media, and can be found online at

years experience: 10+
Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Young Adult/Middle Grade Fiction
“Doing trapeze—exhilarating. You learn the tricks, you soar through the air… and there’s a net to catch you if you fall. (Plus everyone would fit right in at the circus.)”
– Elizabeth Miles, Author

“Writing boot camp, except my drill sergeants wear high heels and don’t yell at me.”
– Lauren Morrill, Author

“Going on an archaeological dig of your own creative powers. You find all kinds of fascinating things you didn’t know you had, if you can avoid the reanimated mummies, poison dart traps and fiendish curses.”
– M.E. Castle, Author

“Getting a permission slip to leave class and cut out of normal, boring life for several hours each day to do something really special.”
– Kate Ellison, Author

“Starring on Project Runway: you bring the raw talent and the desire, while smart and sexy industry professionals help you hone your craft—and at the end of the day no one is ‘out.’”
– Fiona Paul, Author

“A big sleepover party where all the guests are amazing editors. You get to work in your sweats, gossip about edits, and (pillow) fight your way through plot brainstorming. You might be exhausted when it’s over, but you’re a better writer for it.”
- Jacqueline Green, Author

Fiona Paul's VENOM Series, Lauren Morrill's MEANT TO BE, BUTTERFLY CLUES by Kate Ellison, and Elizabeth Miles' FURY Series.
Stephen Barbara
Inkwell Management
Lexa Hillyer (Co-founder/President of Publishing)

Lauren Oliver (Co-founder/President of Production)