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Nash, Rambler
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writer :
Frank Sennett

Current project:

SHADOW STATE, the debut entry in the Rafe Hendrix series, in which Hendrix, a former Army Ranger and disgraced ex-Secret Service agent, must stop a revenge-driven killer who has committed a series of copycat political assassinations before he murders the current president in the culmination of a conspiracy that echoes the January 6 insurrection, published Feb. 21, 2023 by Crooked Lane Books.

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General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Business/investing/finance, Lifestyle
Praise for Shadow State:

“Sennett has some serious storytelling talent . . . The writing is rich and nuanced, and the characters are lovingly crafted. No stereotypes here; no standard-issue good guys and bad guys. No familiar plot points, either: Sennett will appear to take the story down a familiar road, but then he’ll make an unexpected turn.”
—Booklist, starred review


“A sophisticated political thriller [with a] captivating if damaged hero.”
—Chicago Tribune

“A smart, lean, action-packed political thriller that pulls you in on the first page and doesn’t let you go until the last."
—Chicago Sun-Times

"Fans of stoic and resilient action heroes will be entertained.”
—Publishers Weekly

“impressively weaves in intriguing parallels between anarchists of the past and the Proud Boys and the right-wing fringes of the present. ... A pedal-to-the-metal series of jaw-dropping twists and one hell of a finale..One can vividly imagine an all-star cast eager to play roles of depth in a blockbuster movie filled with this kind of excitement."
—Newcity Chicago

"Action-packed and filled with plot twists and turns."
—The Times of Northwest Indiana

“A superb debut . . . Replete with numerous shocks and twists.”
—Gumshoe Review

“An exciting contemporary thriller that is both psychologically astute and action packed. I liked this one from the great Frank Sennett.”
Adrian McKinty, award-winning author of The Chain and The Island

“Frank Sennett’s debut thriller Shadow State is a ticking-clock conspiracy racing through the heartland of America and the perimeters of power where truth and justice are often a longshot.”
James Grady, award-winning author of Six Days of the Condor

“Stylish, gripping and horribly convincing, Sennett's cracking plot delivers big-time. Ladies and gentlemen, ex Secret Service agent and all-American hero Rafe Hendrix is in the building!”
Jude O’Reilly, author of Sleep When You’re Dead

Praise for Groupon's Biggest Deal Ever:

Perfect for would-be entrepreneurs with a dollar and a dream... Mr. Sennett had an enviable level of access during his reporting, and it pays off in a highly readable series of vignettes that demonstrate just how much personality plays in high-stakes Silicon Valley deal-making... For students of start-ups, there is much to enjoy in this breezy retelling of three tumultuous years with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.
--The Wall Street Journal

The 'insane gamble' referred to in the subtitle is the one in which Andrew Mason, the founder of the Internet coupon site Groupon, turned down a $6 billion buyout offer from Google...Told with an appealingly jaunty prose style (imagine Ben Mezrich but with even more enthusiasm), the story portrays Mason as a plucky entrepreneur, a laidback and politically incorrect school prankster who, on the other hand, is a sharp-as-a-tack computer programmer and a guy who's savvy enough to know a good idea when he has it... Is there a movie here, too, following in the wake of The Social Network? Well, there are no Winklevoss twins in the story, but don't bet against it.
--Booklist (Starred Review, Top 10 Business Book of 2012*)

By the end of the first chapter, Sennett's nuggets of detail swell into full-blown revelations. The Time Out Chicago editor in chief quickly plunges readers into Groupon's boardroom, providing one of the most detailed accounts of how close the founders came in late 2010 to accepting a $5.75 billion buyout offer from Google and why they ultimately rejected it… The cover of Sennett's book promises "the inside story" of the Chicago-based daily deal company that went from tech startup to multibillion-dollar initial public offering in less than four years, and that's what it delivers. Even the closest of Groupon observers will learn a lot. And they'll also hear from company insiders who rarely grant interviews… Through numerous anecdotes and observations, Sennett also captures all 360 degrees of Mason's personality, from his stubbornness and immaturity to his talent, dedication and loyalty… Sennett has provided us with a well-written and revealing first draft of the company's start.
--Chicago Tribune

A fast-and-furious account of how Groupon and its young founder bucked acquisition trends by rejecting a $6 billion buyout offer from web titan Google.... A justifiably dramatic look at the machinations of a resoundingly successful startup and its 'Andy Kaufman of CEOs.
--Kirkus Reviews

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason takes center stage in this story about the company's founding, development, and explosive assent… It's refreshing and enjoyable to read Sennett's likable portrait of Mason ("the inexperienced CEO hiding a brilliant analytical mind behind a goofball demeanor") and Lefkofsky (nicknamed "Punchable" by Mason for his hard-edged, "alpha dog" attitude). Sennett succeeds in presenting a balanced view of the company, complete with bad press and "damaging controversy.
--Publishers Weekly

Praise for Nash, Rambler:

The novel's dead-on depiction of the reporting life will ring true with anyone who's logged time in a newsroom. The pulse-quickening action and witty dialogue will draw in readers who weren't born with a notebook in their hands.
--Gannett News Service

Fast-paced debut... Fans of breezy Southern California crime thrillers take note.
--Publishers Weekly

Delightfully acerbic... Witty dialogue and excellent pacing make for fun reading in this first novel, and the tough but sensitive Nash... is a protagonist readers will hope to see again.
--John Green, Booklist

An exciting investigative tale... Elmore Leonard fans need to make room for another wacky book similar in many ways to Get Shorty.
--Harriet Klausner

First-rate noir. This one will get you through the night!
--William Kittredge

A joy ride of a book, as well crafted as a classic car, with the kick of a racing engine. Frank Sennett is a gifted storyteller; his characters are beautifully drawn, utterly believable, and surprisingly tough.
--Jenny Siler, author of Shot

Praise for Nash, Metropolitan:

The pacing is excellent, and Nash remains a thoroughly likable hero.

This book is Chicago through and through--when he's not dodging murderers or digging for clues, Nash is chowing down on burgers at the Wiener's Circle, knocking back Schlitz Dark at the Billy Goat, or getting expense account lunches at the Drake's Cape Cod Room. ... Hope you like it as much as I do.
--AOL CityGuide Chicago

The fast-paced storyline brings Chicago to life from the underbelly as murders keep the hero and his partner scrambling. Nash remains a solid protagonist while Jerry adds depth to the inquiries. Fans of modern day urban noirs will want to ride the Loop with Nash.
--Harriet Klausner

Nash, Metropolitan is a wild ride full of excitement, mystery and political intrigue. ... The secondary characters in this roller-coaster ride are just as exciting and integral to the story, contributing to the rush of adrenaline that accompanies each page turned. Nash, Metropolitan is the second installment in this thrilling whodunit series. ... and each book solidly stands alone. I recommend Nash, Metropolitan as a selection not to be missed.
--Romance Reviews Today

SHADOW STATE (2023, Crooked Lane Books), GROUPON'S BIGGEST DEAL EVER (2012, SMP) NASH, METROPOLITAN (2004, Five Star); NASH, RAMBLER (2003, Five Star)
--MFA in creative writing from the University of Montana
--Journalism degree from Northwestern University
--Former president and editor-in-chief of Time Out Chicago
--Former features editor,