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Fiction for the Spoken Word
by:  Good Story Saloon
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May 12, 2019

Fiction for the Spoken Word

From The Paris Review - The Art of Fiction, interview with Kurt Vonnegut:

“I don’t praise plots as accurate representations of life, but as ways to keep readers reading. When you exclude plot, when you exclude anyone’s wanting anything, you exclude the reader, which is a mean-spirited thing to do. You can also exclude the reader by not telling him immediately where the story is taking place and who the people are.”

“It’s the writer’s job to stage confrontations so the characters will say surprising and revealing things, and educate and entertain us all. Storytellers use a reader’s time in such a way that the reader will not feel that his time as been wasted.”

“If you make people laugh or cry about little black marks on sheets of white paper, what is that but a practical joke? All the great story lines are great practical jokes that people fall for over and over again.”

“There is no shortage of wonderful writers. What we lack is a dependable mass of readers. I propose that every person out of work be required to submit a book report before he or she gets his or her welfare check.”

Issue 69, 1977