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agent, editorial services :
Fernanda Martinez
Fernanda Literary Services
195 Plymouth St #323, Brooklyn, NY 11201 US

Fernanda Martinez started Fernanda Literary Services in 2022 after several years of working in the publishing industry.

At the moment, she is focused on building her Fiction list, and looking for books in unusual formats; family-sagas; narratives that approach generational trauma, identity, and belonging; and—as a proud child of boarding school—she is permanently on the lookout for some gripping dark academia. She reads in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

When not reading, Fernanda is soaking up the sun in Central Park, looking for new plants to add to her apartment, trying out a random new hobby, or plotting what delicious restaurant to try out next. She holds a BA in Art History and Religious Studies from UW-Madison and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University. She has worked at several leading organizations in the publishing industry, including Penguin Random House.

Fernanda Literary Services champions authors by coaching them in their projects, as well as by representing them to publishers.

General fiction, Biography, History, Health, Literary Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Cultural History, Art History, Popular Science, Investigative Journalism
Fernanda started her publishing career at Random House and later at Vintage Español, both which are part of Penguin Random House. However, her interest in working with writers started earlier, when she was Editor in Chief of Illumination, an award-winning literary magazine focused on flash fiction and visual art.

During and after completing her MS, Fernanda provided editorial services to new authors building book proposals, as well as working as a reader for several scouting agencies. In November of 2020, she joined Mary Anne Thompson Associates as a scout, where she recommended books to foreign publishers until August of 2022. Fernanda is also an alumna of the Writer’s House Internship Program led by Michael Mejias.

Email your query letter and attach the first 10 pages of your manuscript or proposal in .docx or .pdf format to — If you haven’t heard back from me in 6 weeks, feel free to resend your query.