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Elliott Folds

Elliott Folds is a theatre artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. After earning his BA in Theatre & Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University, he began working professionally as an actor and a dramaturg at organizations such as the Tony Award®-winning Alliance Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Out Front Theatre Company, Synchronicity Theatre, and Georgia Aquarium.

In 2016, he presented "To the Evolution: Cultural Dialogue in the Contemporary American Musical" at both the National Conference of Undergraduate Research at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and the Symposium of Student Scholars at Kennesaw State University. In 2020, his dramaturgical essay for the Alliance Theatre's production of the musical Maybe Happy Ending was translated into Korean by lyricist Hue Park and published in a commemorative book. In 2022, his article "What's Gender Got to Do With Acting Awards?" was published by American Theatre Magazine.

Elliott is currently pursuing his MFA in Theatre Arts from the University of Idaho's distance program with an emphasis in Theatre Pedagogy. As a burgeoning scholar, writer, and historian, his primary areas of interest include musical theatre history and scholarship, new work development, film studies, and adaptation studies.

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