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by:  Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, International Medical & Health Writers Ltd.
"You are the Writer, Director, Producer & Leading Actor of your life." Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
June 24, 2017

Therapist'sCouch - The Buzz Saw

Inviting you to look over my shoulder as I do some "personal healing work."


There are many libraries in the "theater of the mind" and all are multi-functional. It's good for me to remember that my mind is beautifully organized because most of the time I feel just the opposite. Today is one of those days!

Before I even begin journaling, I'm reminded that sensations of disorder often follow times of great stress or tension and I've certainly experienced that over the last week. Still cleaning up after the electrical fire. Waiting for the building inspector to hopefully close this door. The electrician gave me a magnet reminder to stick on the refrigerator. Not a good idea to keep this in the front of my mind. Besides, who could ever forget the name Mr. Sparky or the jingle that plays on their phone line.

My mind is just leaving the anxiety-mode. Sensing the tension remaining in my body. Like buzz-saws. I've decided to utilize the sensations for going deeper. This is a technique for managing pain, so I'll look at the buzz-saws as a pain sensation, going deeper down as my mind locates the sawing sensations. Starting at the top of the head, scanning down, just like a hand scanner for airport security. I'm stunned at the amount and intensity of the buzzing. This sort of meditative body opening is very powerful and revealing. My shoulders reveal super-sonic buzzing. Of course, so much weight placed on them over the last week. Forgetting how vulnerable the body can be to high stress, and how out of touch one becomes when the stress experiences push themselves to the front of the line. Reminds me of people in the supermarket who would run you over with their carts in order to be first....especially in the bakery.

Thoughts are racing, arguing with the buzz-saw, demanding to be noticed. I observe them passing through my consciousness, as I travel deeper down, like swimming underneath them. Noticing them on the surface of the water, but not caring about their presence. Simply allowing mySelf to go deeper down. When my attention is brought up to the surface, I simply notice and respond by going deeper down. Meditating through mind and body clutter.

Feeling better now. Leveling off. Ready to greet my inner mentors and Universal Mind. While they are always present, it's often difficult to communicate through all of the obstructions brought about by stressors, both big and small. I often forget to notice what's flowing through mySelf and this experience serves as another reminder to stay connected.

The buzz-saw now presents itself to me, asking to be utilized for something useful. This is an example of "transmutation" or changing something into something else. In the body, it represented locked-up stress and now outside my body, it represents a useful tool. I'm understanding that I do have paths in my subconscious mind that have not been tended to over the years. They are over-grown with weeds, brambles and debris. I'm led to one of them, not even knowing where it leads. I'm reminded of how clutter blocks many things in life and how good it feels to get rid of things that often stuff closets, drawers, cupboards, to name a few. Paradoxically, clutter can take over all areas of life without even being noticed. Ask any hoarder...

I'm now wondering how many paths are blocked with overgrowth and what lies beyond. My childSelf has appeared, demanding that I leave them alone. Obviously frightened, even though she maintains that she knows nothing about these. Fear of the unknown. Another childhood issue that needs to be put to rest. I'm reminded that the best way to achieve this is to go forward. The buzz-saw buzzes in response. I'll start with what is in front of me and take it from there. The brambles, vines, weeds respond to the buzz, removing themselves with little effort. Reminds me of cleaning out the garage. Items wanting to be released by donation or going to the trash. Realizing that my mind was doing the blocking and not the stuff.

The path bricks are revealed. While a bit dingy, it's clear to me that they are golden or goal-den says the journal. I can now notice a sign directing the way. This path leads to the Library of Desires and Talents. Oh, it's been a long time since I thought about any of this. My life has been so encapsulated around my work, home, relationships and daily rituals. In a way, my life has become tiresome in its sameness. It's not that I don't enjoy my life, but every room can benefit from a fresh coat of paint.

I'm entering the Library and have decided to spend some time here. I think this is "just what the doctor ordered." Fresh paint...fresh insights into those parts of my life experience that have been ignored. I'm heading for the early years and can sense the idea of fun and games entering my body. Glad that I released the buzzing, so now I have room for taking in the joy that I know is located here. Skating, hop-scotch, my blue bike, clarinet and my kick ball are against the wall. Just like new. Just like "knew."

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May 3, 2017

Journal Workshop - Day 10

Looking for answers to your questions? Scroll down and review the Journal Workshop or go to my website in the left hand column. The answers are in the Blogs...have a question for me? Send it along!

Now Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook

Welcome to the “Storyteller!”
Nothing is an accident, not even reading these words... Perhaps you have questions, hoping to find answers or just to confirm what you already know. Maybe this book found you, thinking that it might help in some way. Life is like that. Spirit or the subconscious mind has a way of bringing forward what we search for, but sometimes not in the form we request.

I believe authors are given words to take readers on special journeys, places where they can come to understand the many aspects of living, learning, life, death, and even reincarnation. Perhaps the world is a gigantic spiritual school where all of this takes place!

As an RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, I tell stories to bring understanding and healing to my patients. I’ve been doing this in many forms for over forty years, but this is the story of another “storyteller”…Ana, a ten-year-old child, living a difficult life, existing through her imagination….or so she thinks. Ana tells stories to feel loved, protected, and simply to exist in an often unkind world that lacks compassion.

Ana is an invisible child...her father having died on her third birthday...her mother lost in her own world, leaving Ana to survive in whatever way she can. But Ana is a special child…a born-again child, surrounded by “spiritual teachers” who live incognito in her current reality, in the World Beyond, even in the books she reads in her best friend’s library, for authors do not die, but live within their written words.. Ana comes to know the lessons of life, some harder than others, but all for a good reason. As she learns to travel between the now and the World Beyond, she comes to know there are plans for her, both in current reality and in that glorious other world of Light, Angels and Spirits.

As you turn the pages of "The Storyteller" you will come to know for yourself….there are “no accidents!”

If you are a therapist OR someone who has written a book, and would like to review my book and have your book or practice mentioned on the back cover of my print book, or inside the ebook version, then please send me an email and I'll send you a PDF. I will also send you an autographed complimentary print copy once the book is published in print.


If you are new to the Journal Project, please scroll down and begin from the beginning. No matter what we choose to do, we begin from the beginning of a project. Just like driving a car, first we must "turn it on."

Today I'm going to give you a complimentary mp3 session on Managing Thoughts.

Our thoughts program our mind and body. What you think is what you get. After listening to this program, I suggest you open your journal and as you watch your own thoughts moving through your mind, make notes of them. Are there more negative thoughts? Planning thoughts? Past thoughts? Repeat thoughts? In other words, how does your "thinking process" work. This is Key to know, because until you know, it is dfficult to change.

If you are new to my Journal Workshop, please scroll down to Day 1. You may feel like reading from the top of the page down, put when you begin to work within the Journal Workshop, please begin at the beginning.

The problem with most of us is that we begin in the middle of something, usually without a plan, and with the desire to rush ahead and get to the end. We want the pot of gold...whatever that might be. To lose weight, to make more money, to get rid of the disease that might kill us, to write that bestseller, to have a perfect family, a partner who stops drinking, or maybe we will stop drinking, smoking, popping pills, shoving food in our mouths in the dark of the night...whatever it is.

We want to be finished and have our prize. What we don't understand, and perhaps no one has ever told us is that this is not the way to get the prize. We've tried hundreds of times before, perhaps for years or decades. Look to many times have you wanted to achieve something, and time after time you don't get there.

You have a bunch of excuses, others to blame, time that doesn't exist for you, or something that is missing that you can't have for some reason. What is underneath this failure after failure? Are you meant to be punished? Are you guilty of something? Do you wonder why everyone else seems happy and you keep pretending so no one will know how miserable or angry you really are. Are you a fraud?

You might not even know what you really want, or others may have told you "what you need or want" and the truth is that you don't want it, but won't tell them. Stopping smoking or any form of eating disorder can fall into this category. Alcohol is another are drugs, both prescription or recreational. So...the mind is complicated, the body is complicated...and emotions often run the show. OK...scroll down and begin at the beginning.

Perhaps like me you lost someone precious..maybe a child who for some reason you could not hold on to. You might live in the guilt of that, as I did, thinking that IF you just did one more thing right, he or she would be alive today.

Life is a difficult journey. It's a tough learning experience. There are times when it seems like you will never, ever be able to complete all you want, nor feel the peace and love others talk about. Maybe you feel like an outsider in your own life. I know what that feels like, and I also know that it is possible to "come home" to oneself. This is what our work is about here. I cannot do the necessary work for you. Only you can do that, BUT I can show you the Path, help you work inside healing and achievement imagery...give you some of mine, lead you to your inner Wisdom and Mentors...become your own Inner Coach and Self-Leader. This I can do with you, but first you need to commit to entering a new life, a new way of living, a new way of forgiving, loving and cherishing what you have been given.

For those of you who are working along, listening to audio each day, journaling with your Higher Self and Higher Power, let's take some time to work on some of this imagery. Throughout my blog I will share some of my personal work, as well as that I've developed for my patients and students over the years. I invite you to build a library for yourself. Have a look at my mp3's and books on Amazon. Give to yourself. They will be yours forever. My website holds a huge library of

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February 1, 2017

Journal Workshop - Day 8

If you are new to my "Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind" Workshop, please scroll down and begin with Day 1. It's also important that you work with the Interactive Self-Hypnosis Audio Programs I have provided for you at no cost. I know that everyone is in a hurry to get to the "top of the mountain", but just like everything else in life that has any value, we go a "step at a time", for each step has it's own intrinsic value. Rushing ahead means leaving important things behind. You may find some value, but it will be gone quickly. The steps I am giving you are programming your subconscious mind "forever." Yes, they need to be learned, but until you get the basics well programmed, you will gain the benefits that include "high level health and performance." All literature on this subject will tell you the same. The benefit of this Workshop is to engage you personally with the tools right from the beginning, so you will be ready to take whatever life delivers to you, and at the same time, have your Creative Genius map out the plans for your chosen goals and successes. Remember, the subconscious mind works backwards. In your Journal you are busy detailing what you want "as if" you have it. Today we'll talk about "cleaning and clearing." I had a long dream about this very subject last night, so that was an indicator to me that it would be a good subject for today. are the steps we are climbing...

I have given you three free audioSessions. These are part of a series available on my website for purchase. It's a good idea to build your library because you will benefit from these Sessions over and over again as you walk through life.

As you continue to listen to Body Scanning, Managing Thoughts and Managing Emotions, you will find yourself noticing them throughout the day... you should be becoming aware of your body tension and sensations, your thoughts and their speed, and certainly your emotions who carry "thoughts" in their backpacks. We always work with "active imagery" in order to place these programs deeply into the subconscious library. Also remember that we cannot manage anything until we bring it to consciousness where we can deal with it. This is why you might want to keep your Journal "private." This is very personal work...conversations between you and your deepest Self and Wisdom Carriers.

It is important for you to COMMIT to change...whether it be big or small. I would like you to write a letter of Commitment in your Journal. It doesn't have to be long or complicated, but it is a "written statement" of what you are willing to do. This Commitment is between you and your Highest Source or Self. Without commitment NOTHING can happen, so please do this today. Next I want you to write a will be ongoing...of everything that needs to be cleaned or cleared. Please include your losses that you are still mourning, be they big or small. We all have losses...we tend to collect them throughout the day. Some of you may have very big losses, like the death of a loved one...even if it happened years ago please include it. These are losses we never completely finish grieving. Small losses can be very minute...for example I stopped drinking ginger ale. I had gotten into this nasty habit over the holidays and when I pass it in the supermarket part of me still "grieves."You might want to have a separate page in your Journal for your losses. I have mine on a "time-line" starting from my birth up through today...this is a very active list and sometimes we don't remember losses until we ask our "subconscious librarian" to find the LOSS BOOK. There will be losses that you have accepted or "put to bed", but include these as well. The inner files for these losses contain very important information that we can gather for further healing. This is future work, but as I write this blog, I'm writing from my own "subconscious mind."

Spend some time conversing in your Journal with your Higher Self. Write whatever comes to mind, because you now know where it is coming from. I'm going to give you a special audio is a Session about Change.This is a Session from a 3 Session Program found on my website. There are over 400 programs there, so why not have a walk around my library.

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February 1, 2017

Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind


If you are new to my Workshop, please scroll down to Day 1 and work your way up. You will find links to Interactive Self-Hypnosis Audio Sessions that are important for the work you will be doing here, and for the quality of the rest of your life. There is no substitute for the Mind and Body Connection. There is no substitute for releasing stress from your body. Stress is connected to all the killer diseases, plus the majority of chronic disease states. Stress comes from lack of emotional and thought management, as well as nutritional stress. The latter is one of the "biggest" stressors, although not mentioned frequently.

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January 31, 2017

Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind


If you are new to my blog, please read the earlier days. It's important, just like with anything else, not to jump on a "merry-go-round" while it is moving. Always wait until it stops and begin your ride at the beginning. Remember to practice "deepening" with meditation before journaling, even if you only take two to five minutes. This practice is how we reach the subconscious library of the mind. All healing and changes take place at this level. Here we engage without efforting. Here we clean and clear. Here we "transmute" or change portions of big issues "bite by bite." It's like sitting down in front of a meal. We eat bite by bite. In order for us to do this we need to engage our subconscious mind or Higher Self. If you are familiar with prayer, this is similar, only now we are working or praying on "specifics"....taking what doesn't work and planting new images of what we truly want.

Most of us tend to argue with our mind's, sometimes all day long. Not only is this stressful, but it doesn't take us forward. When we meditate or slow our brain waves ( look to the image on Day One) we are able to move past negativity, just as if we had a big eraser. We are telling the subconscious what we do not want and replacing it with what we want. Each day in our journal we do the same...

1. Start with a short meditation or slowing of the mind.
2. Open your Journal.
3. Start with a statement of Gratitude for what you are about to give and receive.
4. Begin with letting go of what you do not want.
5. Listen as you write - messages may begin to come through - rather like someone sending you a telegram. Inner conversations
may begin OR they will begin later in the day...when you practice "fractionation"...remember? Small meditations...sitting with the breath throughout the day. This only takes 1/200th of a second. Practice, practice.
6. Now begin to describe in detail what you want "as if" you already had it. You might like to write this in letter form, as if you were writing to a good friend describing how wonderful your life has become. You might think in images, or just let your fingers do the telling.
7. When you are finished say "thank you" to your Subconscious and Higher Self and close your Journal.
8. Time to move into your day. Your life is the "workshop of your world." Move forward.

Today I will share an Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session with you called Deepening. This will help you move further down into your subconscious mind.

Suggested Programs to Purchase - each mp3 contains 2-3 Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions

1. Mental Biofeedback
2. Managing Thoughts
3. Managing Emotions
4. Deepening
5. Automatic Writing

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A R C H I V E / H I G H L I G H T S

Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind
originally posted: January 24, 2017


If you have been following along you are already in close contact with your "subconscious mind library." We've been working with simple imagery, and have started to understand "thoughts" and how they program the mind. Thoughts and emotions are intertwined. They carry images or inner stories that trigger the mindbody reaction or response. Emotions and thoughts are loaded with "hormones and/or chemicals" produced by the body systems. Some cause high levels of stress that can lead to serious diseases. Others keep the body and mind "locked" in imagery that can hinder achievement. This is a complicated subject and will be discussed further in the book that will accompany this blog.

Meanwhile, I'd like you to begin to a program designed to open your subconscious mind to focusing on emotions. Journaling after listening is a good way to open this area in your subconcious library. Remember when you journal from a deeply relaxed state, you are in contact with your "Higher Self".


1. Negative emotions that I carry in my pocket.
2. Positive emotions that I always have available.
3. How these emotions speak to me through my thoughts.

MP3 SUGGESTIONS - MULTI-SESSIONS 2-3 Sessions on each mp3. Listen on any device.

1. Mental Biofeedback
2. Managing Thoughts
3. Managing Emotions


By now you know the beginning routine of getting ready to Journal with your Creative Subconscious Mind. While you can Journal without this preparation, you will be cheating yourself. Today I'd like to discuss something I call "fractionation." This is a powerful tool that will allow you to enter your subconscious library in 1/200th of a second and plant active images, or utilize images you have already planted. While it is a big word "fractionation", it is a simple process.

I'd like you to post a sticky paper, perhaps near your phone if you work in the office, or on a kitchen cabinet if you stay at home. Write whatever word will remind you to go to your belly breath...stay with the belly breath for five or so breaths, then turn your eyes up slightly, and look to the right. This is where your mind screen is located. Get good at this because once you do, your inner programming on the "mind screen" will allow you to make all sorts of changes.

Today I'm going to give you a download for an Interactive Self-Hypnosis Session for Managing Thoughts. We'll discuss this in our next Session. Today in your Journal I would like you to describe in detail a goal you would like to achieve or something you would like to change "as if" it were already accomplished. Remember to slow your brain waves FIRST.


If we were working in my regular workshop we would be doing "body scanning" or "mental biofeedback" before Journaling, the reason being, the slower the brain waves go, the deeper we go. It's important to know that when we are in our regular waking life we do not stay in the "deeper state." We travel "up and down." But, we can choose to go deeper down in 1/200th of a second once we are well trained, thus the reason to learn "mental biofeedback." So, I will give you a link to a download session for this tool.

Our body holds lots of stress. Some of it we can feel, but we don't feel all of it. Right now as I scan my own body I feel aches in my left shoulder, on the top of my head, behind my eyes, in my jaw, my lower back and left thigh. I do want to release these before I begin Journaling because I always want to write from very slow brain the library of the mind. Because I am well practiced at these tools I can scan my body quite to bottom and bottom to top. Then I will place myself inside a golden egg shape that will keep me at a slower brain rate. You will learn to do this on the download I'll give you. This Session is from my regular mp3 called Mental Biofeedback or Body Scanning. I suggest you practice this particular tool for at least 20-30 days to bring your body to a lesser stress level. We can correct our "norms" and if you are like most people, your norm is a high level of tension that is not noticeable unless your have "screamers" like I have right now.

Your will learn from the mp3 that it's easy to release. These are focus and flow exercises. They also allow us to notice our screamers at lower levels.


After you have released, tilted your closed eyes, found your mind screen, and allowed your body to become heavy in the chair where you are resting and waiting to write, open your eyes, open your journal, date your page and empty your garbage. These are thoughts, emotions or experiences that have been filling your consciousness and blocking your route to your subconscious library. Write for as long as you need to. Pretend you are having a conversation with your "Higher Self or Power" or someone you have chosen to be your Inner Coach or Master. For me, I utilize all of these depending on "who presents himself or herself." When you have finished writing we are going to work with a powerful image. Your Master or Higher Self will be present reading as you write.

Start a clean area. Perhaps you will want to skip a few lines to make a distinct change between the emptying of the garbage to the moving forward area. I'd like you to draw a box. Under the empty box I would like you to describe something you desire to achieve "as if you already had it in your possession." Remember you are in your "creative mind" and this mind works backwards. Practice being very specific. Write "as if" you were describing this to your Higher Self or Master.

Here's an example:

Wow..let me show you what I wrote today. Here are the first three chapters of my book. (Feel them in your hands...pass these to your Master and sense the passing of the pages). It was so easy to concentrate and to find the words that truly express what I wanted to say. It felt so good ( feel the feeling ) to write so well again. Let me read the first paragraphs to you. ( Go ahead and read as you continue to write.)

Here's another example:

I went to the market today and had a fabulous shopping experience. No junk foods entered my cart at all. I had no interest in anything that wasn't on my shopping list. My plans are exciting ( feel the emotion ), I planned meals for the week including breakfast and lunch. I could taste the choices I made. My eyes fell on other healthy foods that I'll consider for next week. On the way back I stopped at the YMCA, picked up the applications, made an appointment for tomorrow and entered this on my schedule. Everything is in place. My refrigerator has a new light bulb that makes my new foods even more appealing. I'm so happy. I feel my body moving easily, my breathing is regular even with the exercise and I'm so excited about my progress. I met up with my future self of six months and she gave me a big hug!

Now...your Higher Self or Master wants to speak to you. Listen and write the message you receive. This comes directly from your Creative Center.

Remember to show "gratitude" and go on with your day.

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Recovering Your Creative Genius - Journal with Your MasterMind
originally posted: January 13, 2017


Please begin with Day One...if you are just reading through the Workshop and not doing the work, you are truly missing out. We are all in a hurry to achieve our goals, but this workshop is not about your goals, although you will achieve them. This is about contacting your "creative genius" and I do not use that word loosely.

Today I'd like to discuss working with the breath to slow the brain waves. We talked about this yesterday, but this is KEY to being able to move in and out of your "subconscious library." As you become more adept at doing this, it will only take you 1/200th of a second. So, just as with any other exercise, practice is KEY. I know many people meditate twice a day for 30 minutes. I do practice TM, but that is no longer my main practice. I've trained my mind to do several important things. First, I slow my brain waves quickly, I tilt my eyes up gently, looking slightly to the right for this is where I program my future, which can be in the next minute or next year...which ever I choose. I communicate with my Higher Self and Power, show them the end result I want to achieve and "ask for this or better." Then I ask to be "shown the way."

The mind works backwards...whether we take the spiritual approach or follow any other set of beliefs, first comes the image of what we want and then the mind or spiritual guidance works backwards. There is no efforting.

Practice slowing the mind. Then I'd like you to open your journal and begin by emptying any garbage you may have hanging around. These are thoughts, emotions or experiences that you are playing over and over. These re-plays are useless and block your entrance to the "library. Next, contact your Higher Self about what you choose to do. Perhaps describe an end result. Make it powerful!


If you want to ask me a direct question, here's my email. If I think your question will benefit others, I will post my answer but without your name or personal information

QUESTION: Will we be working with "imagery?"
ANSWER FROM EB: YES, all'll be surprised!

Here is where we are going to begin...

Who is your MasterMind? Where does your Creative Genius reside? What if you believe you are not "creative"? After all, you can't draw a straight line. Of course, this is not what we are about to address here. Creativity is not just reserved for artists or writers. Every single person is creative and this is a gift given at birth. We were all born with "genius capability." What happened is that we forgot and others stepped in to program us, but that does not mean we cannot go back and retrieve what is ours. This is a special kind of "recovery." We are mining for "gold"...that we already own. Then, we will be guided to our highest achievements and desires.

The image on the top indicates the speed of brain waves. The faster the brain waves the further you are from the "library of your mind" and your connection to your Higher Self. Think for a moment about prayer. When you pray you become still...quiet. Stop for a moment now and listen to what quiet sounds like. Even if there is noise or simple sounds in the room where you are there is also spaces of quiet. Even music has quiet places between the notes.

Today is Day 1 of our Workshop. Here we will learn to find the quiet. You can do this in many different ways. It's good to experiment. You can do so in your mind, by asking assistance of the "inner librarian" or by watching or touching your belly breath. Just stay in this quiet place for a minute or so. Pay attention to the difference between this space and where you spend most of your time during your day.

I'm opening the Journaling Workshop with some notes to you. As I sit here writing I'm imagining you with your Journal opened, pen in hand, perhaps wondering what comes next and if the answers you have been looking for may live between these blank pages in your Journal.

I'd like you to close your writing hand over the outside cover as you sit quietly with it on the table or desk in front of you. This is going to be where you will be communicating with the deepest part of your Self. Perhaps you believe you know yourself well, but I believe you will find that the pages inside this front cover are going to introduce you to deeper areas within you...for this is where your creative genius lives and has been with you from the time of your birth, perhaps before depending on your beliefs as they currently stand. I say this because as you work through your Journal your beliefs may change a little or even a lot.

Perhaps you have been looking for answers for a long time and it is possible that you didn't even know the questions to ask, nor who to ask them to because deep Knowledge or Inner Wisdom is not something another person can give you.

Only the deepest parts of you, yourSelf can offer these answers to you. As you open your Journal, notice the lines across the pages for it is on these lines that the answers you are seeking will appear. You may wonder when that will happen, but this I cannot tell you because only you going to be in contact with your deepest Self, and your Highest Self.

The answers may come quickly or slowly, depending on the right timing for you. All of this is already known. These deep parts of you have been waiting for this moment when you are to begin your inward journey.

Please open your Journal now to the first lined page. I'd like you to write the date, including the year. Now, put your pen down. Please make sure you will not be disturbed. Turn off all phones, etc. and if others are around, please be in a private place for you. You may need to choose a different time, depending on your life schedule, and it may even be necessary for you to be outside your home if there is no way for you to have 30 minutes of private time.

Many years ago...yes, I've been doing this for several decades, I had to sit in my car with my Journal. I would choose a special place to park. I remember sitting by the ocean, on the side of a park, and yes...even in a cemetery. Can't find any quieter place than that! I actually found that to be the most spiritual place, as if the spirits came to help me find my way back to my true Self.

We all develop our own methods for quieting our mind, for this is what we must do first before writing. For me, I place my Journal aside with the pen ready to write. I then close my eyes gently, tilting them up slightly behind my closed lids.

The area in front of my closed eyes is my "mind screen." We will be utilizing the "mind screen" often during our inner work. If you are like me, thoughts will race across your mind, like traffic in Times Square. Just notice it...thoughts are things.

We can just notice them and not be involved with them. Later on we will work very specifically with thoughts, utilizing them and editing them along with our subconscious mind.

Now pick up your pen and write whatever comes to you. Forget sentences, spelling, judgments...just write what the pen wants to say "as if" you were speaking to the deepest part of you. If you have nothing to say, then write that you have nothing to say. Listen in the quiet space between the "notes" for answers. Write them. This is your first inner conversation on paper. You have had these self-talks many times in your mind..perhaps while driving, in the shower, whenever you have been alone or even when someone else is talking to you...your mind wanders, but now you are writing this down. When you have finished, say "good-bye" for now and close your journal.


The other day I was writing about how negative energy or experiences, including grieving can connect to this place in the subconscious mind, then transmute the pain into this very high level of creativity. This can happen following any loss, big or small. Transmutation is something I discuss in the books and programs I've written and certainly in my new book. This is not to be missed!

I'm asked if one can get to this special place without the above, and my answer is "yes", but one needs to develop certain skills that will allow the deepening into the under-recesses of the subconscious mind. If you visit my website you will find programs that will teach and program these skills for you. It takes desire, commitment and time, but in return you will receive a gift of the highest level of creativity and achievement that is impossible to achieve without venturing down.

Working through the window of "eating issues" is a powerful place to begin to open the door to high level performance and creativity. I know this both personally and professionally. As you read my blogs and books, you will be making your own changes right in the moment. I look forward to taking you on this journey with me, and invite you to share your personal experiences.

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R E A D E R   C O M M E N T S

Re: The Magic Inside Question Asking...!! (June 13, 2012)

Like what I am seeing about your Book. We seem to share a lot in common regarding belief. Looking forward to the completed book

Re: Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder - Excerpts (December 4, 2011)

Wonderfully insightful and beautifully written post. I struggled for over 40 years with eating disorders and disordered eating and what you've written is so true, especially the part about being an information-gatherer.

Re: 'Tis the Season - The Biggest Gift Ever! (December 18, 2010)

I dont have a lot of words right now i just came across youre material. As i read this i am just sitting hear crying my eyes out something is defenetly going on. This material that you write about is obviously hitting a cord with me.

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

I love your blog regarding the art of tweaking! I've enjoyed a number of your tapes (way back when) and now mp3 recordings. Your imagery is deep and rich; it resonates with me. I really enjoy reading your creative thoughts and ideas!

Re: The Art of Self-Tweaking (May 20, 2010)

Thank you Elizabeth for this article. I was reminded of a talk I used to give several years ago, particularly to business people, but it also (I believe) has a message for people in general, except that the image I used mightn't be meaningful for them.

The message is simple and is contained in its title "You are your own product manager." When you know the responsibilities and role of a product manager, the message is quite clear. But what I wanted my audiences to understand and believe, is that their future is their responsibility.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Re: Brick Throwing & Ducking (May 18, 2010)

Once again my comment arises from my business background. In sales your prospect (customer) will always offer some objections. It doesn't matter whether the objection is valid or not, or significant or trivial. What it is - is something to be dealt with. Each objection you treat seriously and overcome, becomes a new selling point for whatever your product or service is. The customer might be objecting simply to show that s/he is in command. Your treatment of it validates the customer's self-perception, and increases your acceptance value in his/her eyes. But whatever - an objection requires you to consider it, and if necessary to take some relevant action - requires you to react positively.

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She has written & produced +350 audio CD programs for adults, children, students & athletes, as well as several books in original Interactive Self-Hypnosis. She specializes in the food connection to addiction, optimum health & performance. She is the author of Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, as well as Beyond Disorderly Eating...the Truth About Sugar & Binging & How to Stop