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editor :
Val Mathews
The Wild Rose Press
Acquisitions Editor, The Wild Rose Press Freelance Developmental Editor & Coach, The Exit 271 Studio

As a big-hearted acquisitions editor and teacher, I’ve garnered 10+ years of comprehensive experience. I take pride in developing rapport with students and authors, nurturing a learning community, and cultivating unique voices. Others have defined me as visionary with not only a knack for seeing the big picture (even when a manuscript seems impossible to navigate) but also a keen eye for spotting subtle details others may have missed.

Pushcart Prize nominee Brenda Sutton Rose explains: “With an expert eye for detail, Val caught redundancies and irrelevancies, mistakes that muddled the clarity and disrupted the rhythm of the story.”

years experience: 8
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
Recently acquired and edited the following fiction manuscripts (coming out in 2021) for The Wild Rose Press, a traditional small publishing house in New York:

• BIOMASS: Sky People by Terry Persun (Sci-Fi)
• BIOMASS: Rewind by Terry Persun (Sci-Fi)
• Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder by Mary Cunningham (Cozy Mystery)
• The Perfect Distance by Dianne May (Romantic Suspense)
• Fiddlers Creek by Steve Taylor (Suspense/Thriller)
• The Orb by Dr. John Mauldin (Urban Fantasy)

Shepherded and edited manuscripts from the first draft to the galley proof for individual clients (nonfiction and fiction; traditional and indie) via The Exit 271 Studio, including the following recently published:

• The Freedom Shield by Major John D. Falcon (Nonfiction), Casemate Publishers, April 2020
• Place + Meaning + Experience: 50th Anniversary by the College of Environment and Design, University of Georgia, September 2020
• Sub Rosa & Other Stories by Jim Lambert, Balboa Press, January 2021

The Exit 271 Studio, for writers who need love, support, and a kick in the pants!