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writer :
D.G. Den Valdron
+1 02047943151
12047743680 (fax)

I've been writing for over twenty-five years. During the first decade, I sold numerous short stories, largely through small press. My most significant story credits are sales to Interzone in the UK, and On-Spec in Canada. When writing short stories, I received several Honourable Mentions in Years Best Science Fiction and Years Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies.

Following that first decade, for personal reasons, I took an almost ten year hiatus from writing for markets. On returning to writing, my first novel, 'The Mermaid's Tale,' a murder mystery about an Orc hunting a serial killer, was picked up by Five Rivers Publishing, a reputable Canadian small press. They also contracted a second novel 'The Luck,' which was delivered. Unfortunately, Five Rivers closed its doors, the rights to both novels reverted back. Reviews of 'The Mermaid's Tale' were very good. That book, due to complications, continues to exist as an Audiobook. Other unpublished novels include 'The Princess of Asylum' a lighthearted fantasy adventure, and 'Bloodsucker' horror. The Princess was entered into the Booklife Competition last year, and made it to the semi-finals and quarter finals, with an aggregate 9.25 score. I have sequels to both 'Princess' and 'The Luck/Mermaid's Tale' in developmen. I am seeking an agent with respect to these novels.

Over the last couple of years since returning to writing, I've been experimenting with self publishing ebooks, notably releasing a trilogy of collections of previously published horror stories - 'Giant Monsters Sing Sad Songs,' 'What Devours Also Hungers,' and 'No Doors in Dark Places,' as well as novels and novellas 'Bear Cavalry,' 'Dawn of Cthulhu' and 'Fall of Atlantis' that I think are too quirky for commercial venues. I've done two nonfiction ebook series, one about the Canadian space opera, LEXX, and the other about unauthorized Doctor Who films and the relationship to the show's history, again being interested in the subject matter but not seeing mainstream potential.

My focus on self publishing, apart from getting work out into the world, and establishing some kind of presence, is mainly about skill building, learning the intricacies of books and ebooks, and particularly marketing and promotion. I hope to apply these skills to promoting more mainstream, traditionally published genre work.

These days, I've largely moved away from short stories, focusing on novel length works in the fantasy and science fiction genre, with commercial potential with traditional publishers.

Apart from that, I've written extensively, online about a variety of pop culture subjects, ranging including alternate history, kaiju, b-movies, cult television, Lovecraft, Burroughs, the pulp era etc. By way of background, I am a lawyer working in the area of Aboriginal rights, and I believe that my association and involvement with Native American cultures and traditions informs and influences my fantasy in subtle ways, as does my academic background in both history and anthropology. Beyond that, there's the usual assortment of colourful writers jobs - journalist, schoolteacher, projectionist at a drive in theatre, carpenter, mechanic, waiter, etc.

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