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agent :
Dado Derviskadic
Folio Literary Management

Dado Derviskadic is a Vice President and Literary Agent at Folio. His authors include Dr. Nicole LePera (HOW TO DO THE WORK), Dr. Cate Shanahan (DEEP NUTRITION), Kelly and Juliet Starrett (BUILT TO MOVE), Matt Alt (PURE INVENTION), Hiroko Yoda (EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO HAPPINESS), John Birdsall (THE MAN WHO ATE TOO MUCH), Esteban Castillo (CHICANO EATS), Naz Deravian (BOTTOM OF THE POT), and many others. After interning with the New York Times in New York and China, he started his career in publishing as a Foreign Rights Director in Beijing, China, in 2009. In this role he acquired English language non-fiction for the growing Chinese market, including major works by Walter Isaacson (STEVE JOBS), George W. Bush (DECISION POINTS), Henry Kissinger (ON CHINA), and many more. Dado reads Chinese, Japanese and Bosnian, and holds a degree from Middlebury College in Chinese film history and Japanese literature. He loves working with writers who have a deep and singular insight into their chosen world.

In non-fiction, I am primarily interested in: cultural history; biography; art history; film; religion and spirituality; psychology; philosophy; pop science and motivational self-help; health and nutrition; pop culture and subcultures; fashion; and food narrative and cookbooks.

Books I’ve Recently Enjoyed Include:
1. ELDERFLORA by Jared Farmer
2. THE BEAUTIFUL FALL by Alicia Drake
3. DARK MONEY by Jane Mayer
4. WINNERS TAKE ALL by Anand Giridharadas
5. SEDUCED BY STORY by Peter Brooks
6. THE MYTH OF NORMAL by Gabor Mate
7. TOKYO ROMANCE by Ian Buruma
8. THE HINDUS by Wendy Donigher
9. THE TOOLS by Barry Schultz
10.SACRED NATURE by Karen Armstrong

Reference, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, African-American, Science, Art History, Film, Psychology, Philosophy, Pop Science, Religion and Spirituality, Pop Culture & Sub-culture, Fashion
HOW TO DO THE WORK, by Nicole LePera to Harper Wave
DEEP NUTRITION, by Cate Shanahan to Flatiron Books
BUILT TO MOVE, by Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett to Knopf
PURE INVENTION, by Matt Alt to Crown
EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO HAPPINESS, by Hiroko Yoda to Tiny Reparations/Dutton
THE MAN WHO ATE TOO MUCH, by John Birdsall to Norton
CHICANO EATS, by Esteban Castillo to Harper Design
BOTTOM OF THE POT, by Naz Deravian to Flatiron Books
BILLION DOLLAR WHALE, by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright to Hachette Books
THE LITTLE BOOK OF LYMPH, by Lisa Levitt Gainsley to Harper Wave
THE ROADS TO ROME, by Jarret Wrisley and Paolo Vitaletti to Clarkson Potter
SUBTLE MEDICINE, by Linda Lancaster to Rodale
WHY WILL NO ONE PLAY WITH ME?, by Caroline Maguire to Grand Central Life & Style
HUNGRY FOR MORE, by Nealy Fischer to Da Capo
THE CANDIDA CURE, by Ann Boroch to Harper Wave
THE HARDER TO KILL HANDBOOK, by Stephanie Gaudreau to Harper One
THE CULINARY BRO-DOWN COOKBOOK, by Josh Scherer to Grand Central
THE EGG SHOP COOKBOOK, by Nick Korbee to William Morrow
THE STASH PLAN, by Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy to Touchstone
MY VEGAN JOURNAL, by Jackie Day to St. Martin’s
THE BARE BONES BROTH COOKBOOK, by Ryan Harvey and Kate Harvey to Harper Wave
PORNBURGER, by Mathew Ramsey to Ecco
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Please submit queries to Please include the query letter and first ten pages of your manuscript or proposal in the body of the email. Please be sure to write QUERY in the subject line as this will ensure I do not miss your letter. Due to the volume of queries, if you do not hear back from me within four weeks, please assume that the project is not right for me.