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editorial services :
Crystal Sershen
Writer's Voice Editorial

Offering manuscript evaluations, substantive and developmental editing, coaching, copyediting, and proofreading.

Why Writer's Voice?

First and foremost, my absolute reverence for authors. I know that writing is an arduous and lonely calling.

My clients and colleagues will tell you that I have an uncanny ear for the author's voice and bring a writer's sensibility to my work. Committed to forging a bond with my authors and dedicated to honing the writer's voice, from concept to final draft, I relish every semicolon, hyphen, and turn of phrase along the way, and I persist until a manuscript is perfect.

As a professional, classically trained actress (and audiobook narrator), my ear for character shines through in my approach to a manuscript; likewise, my background in screenwriting and story editing influences my love for story development, thinking outside the box, and how best to convey the author's intended meaning to the reader.

years experience: 2
rates: Line/Developmental Editing: $75/hour; Copyediting: $50/hour; Proofreading: $35/hour; Ghost writing / Coaching: phone or e-mail for a free consultation.
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Line-editing, Copy editing, Proofreading, Writing, Ghost-writing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Biography, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel
From Alice Peck Editorial: Crystal is exceptionally smart, has an uncanny ear for author’s voice, and brings a writer’s sensibility to her work. She doesn’t shy away from a formatting challenge and persists until a manuscript is perfect. I’ve been working with her in various capacities since 2001 and she’s reliable, keen-eyed, and always a delight.
Unity Begins Within by Annie Fuller (2022); Heal Beyond Expectations by Dr. Maya Novak (2022); The Hoffman Affairs by Beth Schorr Jaffe (2022); From the Porch to the Page: A Guidebook for the Writing Life by Charlene L. Edge (2022); The Book We Wish We Had: How We Stayed Hopeful When Hope Wasn’t Enough by Lisa Bachman and Justin Bachman (2022); From Timber to Titan: The Remarkable Voyage of the Other Mayflower by Richard Stone (2022); Late in Love by Karen Anne Coccioli (2021); Paradise by Karen Anne Coccioli (2021); The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences by Frank Leonesio (2021); How To Retrain Your Human by Jon Wall (2021).
I'm a multi-talented professional with a BFA in Cinema Studies and an MA in Classical Theatre: • Publishing: Editing, Ghost Writing, Copyediting, Proofreading • Audiobook Narration & Production • Film & Television: Story Editing, Post-Production, Screenwriting, Cinematography • Theatre: Acting, Production & Management • Teaching & Education • Sailing • Martial Arts