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agent :
Crystal Gauthier
Crystal L. Gauthier Literary Book Agent

Crystal L. Gauthier, Literary Agent
Every type of literary work has become essential to me. You will be my main focus should you choose to seek my services. I look forward to working with you, taking your hard work to the highest level of success it can achieve in today's writing world.
There are no guarantees in life, we all know that. However, I can assure you that anything I do to help you further your experience in writing, publishing, promotion and marketing you/your brand will be followed through with excellent correspondence and attention to detail. My lifelong experience in the literary world has shown me that educating myself constantly is what keeps my clients coming back to me year after year for my services. I hope you will consider me for your literary agent or promotional specialist.

years experience: 5
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Biography, History, Religious, Children's books, African-American
R.M. Simone' - Promouvoir Promotions Client
September 24, 2018

Crystal L Gauthier to Roshandra RM Simone
Perserverence and knowing you are better up there and the books can wait until you are who you want to be.
Roshandra Simone thank you Crystal L Gauthier I tend to KEEP going as you know and do the same thing but when i come up here and the HIGH ENERGY Vibrations I am astounded first by what LIFTS off my Heart and shoulders and how TIRED i really am ...then a few days into my meditation or just driving up to the summit to "BE" I begin to feel Myself again...boy I needed this mountain and the Energies SHE Is.......
Roshandra RM Simone to Crystal L Gauthier I so appreciate 'you dear' and your wisdom you shared <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
January 17, 2018
Will Mayo
Crystal can I reiterate that you are the most adorable, loving, patient sensible publisher or editor an author could ever have?
December 18, 2017
Neal Sayatovich: I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you and Southern Owl. You have been incredible to me and I appreciate every thing you have done for me.

Testimonial from Author Victoria H. Loren...June 22, 2017
Sometimes acceptance (in giving up wanting anything more that what is humanly possible) is the best policy. We want our best foot forward and that is all we can ask for. What we all are doing is amazing given our resources. Especially you and your team as a independent publisher. We are not set up with elaborate programs or huge print presses. Yet, the final product can compete and that speaks volumes.
C.L. Scholey - 2017
When Crystal asked me to write about my success as an author I was flattered and a bit overwhelmed. I’m not a USA Today bestseller or NYT bestseller but I do sell and have hit #1 Amazon numerous times, ARe bestseller though it’s a moot point now as with Fictionwise. I’ve hit bestseller on Bookstrand. Managed in the hundreds on Barnes and Noble. Was author of the year with a book of the year. Second in so many categories with different books and publishers with awards.
All authors love to write so it’s not that I’m doing anything differently. All authors have passion, drive, and I bet each of us is an emotional roller coaster. My words are geared to what I’m feeling most often. If I’m sad so are my characters, when happy, ticked off—same.

William P. Lazarus - Genre; Religion, Satire, General Fiction
R.M. Simone' - Genre; Erotica, YA Romance
B.K. Stubblefield - Genre; Contemporary Romance, Thriller
Juliette Douglas - Genre; Historical, Western, Romance, Mystery
John D. Fie Jr - Genre; Historical, Western Action, Adventure
Marsha Casper Cook - Genre; Contemporary Romance
Southern Owl Publications, LLC - Publishing House: Owner and Operator
Promouvoir Promotions - Promotion and Marketing Company
Workshop Speaker at Imaginarium Convention 2017-2018-2019
Podcast Guest and Co-Anchor Michigan Avenue Media with Marsha Casper Cook
Podcast Guest on Red River Radio with Dellani's Oakes and Karen Vaughan
NOVELS: Troianne - A Time Travel Society Book 1, Diana's Magic Book 2 and Rheanon's Heart Book 3
Her Soul To Save
Novella's: Her Sweet Divinity
Haunted By Allen
Great Lakes Recipes - Cookbook
Graduate of Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI
BA in Computer Science and English Language Arts
Graduate of University of Phoenix Online
BA in Paralegal Studies and Associate in Public Relations
Certified Bookkeeper, National Certified Bookkeeping Association
Owner of The Owl Branch Promotional and Marketing Company
Owner of Southern Owl Publications, LLC
Owner Promouvoir Promotions a Promotional and Marketing Company
Submissions accepted only for Literary Agent and Promotional/Marketing services.
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