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writer :
Courtney Berman
Walt Disney Company

I’m currently seeking representation for my 50,000 word YA novel, ME, TOO.

She’d heard that the first time was painful. That it was awkward and uncomfortable, even if you loved the person. Though there was something about Charlotte and her boyfriend Eric’s first time having sex -- at least the parts she could still remember -- that just felt, wrong.

After downing a bottle of vicodin, being institutionalized for two months and spending a lifetime enabling everyone around her, Charlotte would like nothing more than to magically disappear after being forced back into her normal life. However, despite her attempts to ignore and resist him, Charlotte’s plans to “fly under the radar,” are continuously sidetracked when her charming and eccentric lab partner, Daniel, devises his own “flight of fantasy” for the two of them.

This past year I joined the RWA, won first place in the SFA-RWA Heart-to-Heart contest and became a finalist in the SWFRW Joyce Henderson contest, which will announce its winners in February of 2018. As someone who experienced sexual assault which, among other things, led to a suicide attempt, I know from personal experience that Charlotte’s journey accurately represents what coping with and overcoming trauma as a teen is like. I love Young Adult Literature and I know the issues dealt with in this story can help inspire change and hope.



My dress was ruffled up to just below my chest, when he reached down to touch me.

“Stop,” I whispered and my heartbeat picked up as he slid his hand across my thigh. “Eric, this is too fast.” I steadied my voice in an attempt to be less weak

“C’mon. You’re gonna love it.” He managed to slur out. The stench of alcohol on his breath smothering me as he pressed his lips into the side of my face.

“I told you I wanted to wait.” My back stiffened as I brushed him away, but without missing a beat he moved his hands around my torso and I could feel the hot burn of his dirty fingernails pierce the skin on my lower back.

“You’ll like it... I promise.” He spit as he spoke and I focused my attention on the shadows our bodies cast across the wall beside us. Mine so still, I thought I might be dreaming.

It was hard to say how long it lasted. Though the way my body ached in the days that followed, made me think it was a while. And since I hadn’t made a point to physically or verbally stop him, once he’d taken off his pants, I couldn’t help but feel confused

I’d heard that the first time was painful. That it was awkward and uncomfortable, even if you loved the person. Yet there was something about mine and Eric’s first time – at least the parts I could still remember -- that just felt, wrong.

years experience: 10

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General fiction, Romance, Children's books
Courtney Berman
1912 N Manning St
Burbank CA 91505