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writer :
Conrad Jungmann Jr
Edge of Redfish Lake
Author's cover concept

In his early twenties, Conrad Jungmann Jr. spent six summers working in the Alaska fisheries before beginning a twenty-year career in digital marketing. While working at Microsoft, Belo, KING-TV and LION Digital Media on advertising campaigns for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, his mind often wandered to the Alaskan adventures of his youth and he vowed to someday write about them. Edge of Redfish Lake is Conrad’s debut novel and is his ode to the Alaskan salmon fisheries and newspaper journalism. Conrad recently signed with Parkeast Literary Agency to represent.

Reviews from early readers:

“Original. Authentic. Thought-provoking. Suspenseful. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end.”

“From gillnetting to cannery life, one of the most vivid and realistic accounts ever told about the Alaska commercial salmon fisheries. An extraordinary backdrop for a crime thriller!”

“A celebration of newspaper journalism from yesteryear.”

Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Suspense/thriller
Edge of Redfish Lake is the Alaska salmon fisheries story wrapped within the framework of an intense crime thriller. At the core of the plot is an investigative news reporter who gets framed by a serial killer for the same series of notorious crimes he is covering for a Seattle newspaper after the two men worked together in Alaska. Think Deadliest Catch meets Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

It’s the summer of 1988 and talented graduate Julian Hopkins has just landed a job on the investigations team for the Seattle Post-Register. He has two months before his dream career begins, just enough time to head north to the rough and rugged Bristol Bay in Alaska for one last salmon season with the company he worked for each summer through college.

But an evil menace lurks at Dragline Fisheries. During eight weeks of grueling labor, events occur that forever change Julian, his friends, and co-workers. A body is discovered. On the heels of a massive storm, a beloved legacy fisherman tragically drowns. Emotionally vulnerable, Julian takes refuge in an unintended place, inadvertently inciting the wrath of a soulless killer bent on revenge. As the season mercifully ends, the monster follows him south, only to haunt him in ways that will not only define Julian’s new journalism career but the rest of his life.

Back at Dragline headquarters in Everett, Washington detectives discover two murder victims. Were the crimes committed by the region’s most prolific serial killer still on the lamb? Or were they done by someone much closer to the seafood company? The investigation intensifies when a third victim is found, prompting the FBI, Green River Killer Task Force, and DNA forensic scientists to get involved. Both detectives and journalists investigate. There’s a manhunt, arrest, and trial. Lines blur between hunter and hunted; truth and lies, good and evil. Media coverage of the region’s biggest news story explodes with Julian Hopkins squarely at the center… in more ways than one!

In his debut novel, Conrad Jungmann Jr. leads us on a harrowing journey to the edge of betrayal and vengeance, love, loss, life, justice, jealousy, loyalty, truth and death. Edge of Redfish Lake is a can’t-put-it-down tale with powerful undertones and unexpected epiphanies, some strong enough to make a ruthless killer stop killing, that doesn’t end until the final page is turned.