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Christie Megill

The CAT Agency, Inc., formerly the CATugeau Artist Agency, is celebrating its 28th year in 2022! Our boutique agency, founded in 1994 by Christina Tugeau, believes in the hands-on approach in representing a diverse group of talent from all over the world. Now led by Christy Ewers, along with Chad W. Beckerman, with the support of Christie Megill and Aliza R. Hoover, we continue to strive for excellence in children’s literature, representing an ever-growing client list; offering an eclectic mix of styles, voices and talent. We are proud to represent many NYT Bestselling illustrators and award-winning authors and illustrators.

Children's books
Christie is eager to work with illustrators, author/illustrators, and picture book authors, offering long-term support in their careers and creative journeys.

Please send her: children’s illustration portfolios, picture book dummies, picture book manuscripts, children’s graphic novel pitches, and the select chapter book project.

While her taste is broad, she’s especially excited to find fresh stories and artwork from voices that have previously been underrepresented.