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editorial services :
Carolyn Flynn
SoulFire Studios LLC

Known as The Story Catalyst, Carolyn Flynn is winner of the 2014 Rick Bass/Montana Prize for Fiction; author of “Resurrection,” published in Fourth Genre; semifinalist for the 2016 Elixir Press Fiction Prize for first novel. She is the author of seven books on personal development/spirituality, including mindfulness and creative visualization. See her TED talk, “Tell a Better Story, Live a Better Life” at

I’m Carolyn Flynn, and I am the story catalyst.

In an age of flash-in-the-pan bestsellers and throwaway books,

I catalyze authors to craft their own enduring path to mastery, success and meaning.

I do the courage walk with you on the purpose-lit path. Together, we are targeted and joyful, attuning to the passion, vision and significance of your book.

I offer:

story development and book editing
book proposal development and editing
one-on-one and group book mentoring
online classes
contemplative and generative writing retreats
branding and content creation that help you build an author platform
strategies for garnering media attention and audience engagement
creativity coaching about living a flourishing writing life
abundance coaching

years experience: 30+
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Copy editing, Writing, Ghost-writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Biography, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks
A "nuanced understanding of narrative craft" and "an open and generous nature" ~ Summer Wood, author of "Wrecker," winner of A Room of Her Own grant

"You have such a clear and elevated way of looking at the world, at other people's stories, and into other people's hearts. I am deeply grateful for this experience, which you made possible." ~ Johanna Droubay

"My editor was a phenomenal match for my memoir. She totally understood my story and the vision I had. She was a match made in heaven.”
—Patricia Chadwick, author of Little Sister

The Mind to Lead, Suzanne Kryder
Tapestry, Judith E. Bowen
What Survives and Myopia, a memoir, Phyllis M Skoy
Return to the Soul, Dr. Judith Pentz, M.D.
Between Two Worlds, David Sorensen
Yoga and Grief, Gloria Drayer
Mole Mama, Diana Silva
LifeDancing, Linda L. Lawless
Crazy and Functional, Michelle L. Manning + Functional and Crazy, Michelle L. Manning
A Future Writ in Water, Alan Corbett
Permission to Live, Peggy Fiedler
Walking Two Worlds, Linda Riegger
Heart Broke Open, Sahara Sun
The Guest House, Trish Muehsam, M.D.
Little Sister, Patricia Chadwick
What Survives and Myopia, a memoir, Phyllis M Skoy
Between Two Worlds, David Sorensen
2014 Rick Bass/Montana Prize for Fiction
2016 Elixir Press first novel prize, semifinalist
MFA in Writing, fiction and creative nonfiction, Spalding U
Bachelor of Arts, journalism, University of Kentucky