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writer :
Carmen DaVinleam

Hello, I’m Carmen.

I’m a writer, a retired accountant, and a reptile enthusiast. I write DIY Enclosure manuals for Etsy and I am a neurodivergent, disabled, single mother. I live in Kentucky with my kids and our nine animals.
I have many creative outlets—painting, sculpting, and crocheting to name a few—but writing is what I love the most. I published poetry as a teenager and have since written many novels. My writing habits are as varied as my reading habits.
If I don’t have a book in my hand it means my brain is glitching. Just place a book in my hand to repair the glitch.

I write adult fantasy, YA fantasy, MG Fantasy, and adult thrillers. I am also the creator of 24/7 Stories - a web series of short stories that are less than 60 seconds —links below.

Writing, Technical writing, Fiction writing, Proofreading
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Instruction Manuals
My short story series is called 24/7 Stories and you can find out more and see these short story videos here... videos are less than 1 minute long. I also have a middle grade 24/7 series that can be found on my TikTok here... New Episodes released daily.
#NA #A #ER #E #MA #M #T – PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN meets FILTHY RICH – Sex Trafficking subject matter - Sex work subject matter


Money-sex-lunch-money-sex-dinner—it’s just Monday for Alyx Beck— and the sex business pays her neurodivergent twin brothers medical bills. When her driver/bodyguard disappears with $100K; Alyx has to prove her innocence to her handler if she wants to live. With no one else to take care of her brother Alyx must find the money—dying isn't an option.

The full manuscript and synopsis are available upon request.

Glimmer Monster – Book One - 121K - by Carmen DaVinleam
#A #P #F #DIS #ND #OWN #MH #T #H #MR

I am seeking representation for my adult fantasy novel GLIMMER MONSTER—complete at 123,000 words. It is an #ownvoices #diversevoices manuscript—offering disability representation. It takes the confusion and memory loss from IN THE DARK WE FORGET and meets with the afterlife world of THE GOOD PLACE while tossing in a few serial killers and an anti-hero like DEXTER.

Ryker Burke sits by a lake that is the most beautiful place she’s ever seen. She thinks herself dreaming; until someone tells her otherwise. When the strange man tells Ryker that she’s died, but refuses to tell her how she met her end, she has to agree to do something unthinkable if she wants to know the truth of how she died—and why she’s the only Afterlifer who can feel pain. To solve the mystery of her death and find peace in Afterlife, she must become the grim reaper for the psychopathically inclined. But when her living daughter is kidnapped, Ryker will have to break every rule to save her daughter—and she’ll have to become a monster to do it.

Glimmer Monster has serial killers, monsters, slow burn romance, forever friendships, strong bonds, and pain—both physical and emotional. While it is a standalone novel it has series potential and I have three other manuscripts outlined.

THE FAVOR by Carmen DaVinleam


One sentence pitch:

When the world is dying there’s only one way to save it, half of humanity must die before the planet does.


The world summit that aired live as 17-year-old Jasmine was at school seemed to be a normal part of school symposium. It quickly took a dark turn when the summit leader committed suicide live to show that this summit was no laughing matter. To prevent the world from dying each and every family is required to offer a favor- and depending on your family’s size, perhaps more than one. Each favor will die, so that those remaining can live. Jasmine must race to find her mother and brother. She wants to save them both by offering herself as The Favor.

The partial manuscript is available upon request.

Cero and the Ninja of Fire – by Carmen DaVinleam

#MG #AC # AD #P #SF #F

One sentence pitch:

Tossed out of his ninja faction, the disgraced ninja of fire must find the sphere of life before it can fall into enemy hands.


Far away, on the planet CERO, everyone has unique gifts—abilities that allow them to be remarkable. That is until the apocalypse awakens the talents of the young, previously ungifted boy Gideon. As Gideon searches for abilities to steal, the dishonored ninja Kroat searches for the great Sphere of Life. When their paths cross, a war like no other begins.

The partial manuscript and outline are available upon request.

Jan, Crask, and the Faded Rose by Carmen DaVinleam - complete at 38K

#MG #M #AC #AD

Lucentwood Enterprises owns everything in the small town of Silvervale. When the company takes most of the adults away for a company retreat; Jan & Crask are left at a cabin in the woods with fifteen other kids. When their troop leader Ms. C takes them to the park, no one could’ve guessed that one of their members would vanish. With only a few adults left in town it’s up to book smart Jan and her steadfast genius friend Crask to figure out what happened and where their lost troop member could be.

The manuscript and outline are available upon request.

Member of WFWA, Retired Accountant, Neurodivergent, Disabled, Dyslexic
Jennifer Williams
Gold Dust Literary