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Carmen DaVinleam

I am a disabled writer from Louisville KY. My disability lets me see and reflect the world in a unique way. It skews my judgments and emotions. Being neuordivergent and living in pain 24/7 is not what most people are used to, though it is my normal. I write novels in many different genres—YA, Middle Grade, Children’s, Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Women’s Lit.

My #ownvoices #DisverseVoices novel Glimmer Monster is listed below and I am currently querying for that novel as well as some others. My disability is reflected in my work because the protagonist has a brain injury that she doesn’t know about. It skews her judgment and emotions, as did mine before my injury was diagnosed.

I published poetry as a teenager and I have many novels written and am looking to be published. I have listed a few of the stories I have available below. Any sample material, synopsis, or queries are available upon request.

I also write instruction manuals for build-it-yourself reptile enclosures and sell them in my Etsy shop.

Though I live in pain twenty-four hours a day, I never give up. I work hard, and I always try my best in everything I do.

This writer is looking for an agent
Writing, Technical writing, Fiction writing, Proofreading
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Instruction Manuals
I have received seven contract offers on the novel Glimmer Monster, though I prefer to have a literary agent so that my novels can flourish. All comments below reference the Glimmer Monster novel.

David Henry Sterry of The Book Doctors has said "This would make a great Netflix series" about my novel Glimmer Monster.

Olympia Editors said, "your novel is well-written with an absorbing narrative."

Austin Macauley editor said, "I can confidently state that your work was found to be an imaginative and engaging read."

Jenn Wallace with Tiny Fox Press said, "Any world where Kevin Bacon is an expert is a world I'd like to visit!"

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Link to Sample Materials for Glimmer Monster -

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Link to Sample Materials for D.I.D. I Do That -

THE FAVOR by Carmen DaVinleam


One sentence pitch:

When the world is dying there’s only one way to save it, half of humanity must die before the planet does.


The world summit that aired live as 17-year-old Jasmine was at school seemed to be a normal part of school symposium. It quickly took a dark turn when the summit leader committed suicide live to show that this summit was no laughing matter. To prevent the world from dying each and every family is required to offer a favor- and depending on your family’s size, perhaps more than one. Each favor will die, so that those remaining can live. Jasmine must race to find her mother and brother. She wants to save them both by offering herself as The Favor.

The partial manuscript is available upon request.

Glimmer Monster – Book One - by Carmen DaVinleam

#A #P #UF #DIS #ND #OWN #MH #T #H #MR

I am currently seeking representation for this paranormal fantasy GLIMMER MONSTER-In the path of monsters, which is complete at 125,000-words. This is an #ownvoices novel—offering a representation of neurodivergence, chronic pain, and disability. Its DEXTER meets THE WRONG SIDE OF FORTY meets THE GOOD PLACE.

Ryker has no memory of her death, it was taken from her. The Division says that it’s just part of the deal so that the adjustment to death is easier on everyone. But, for her to get her memories back she’ll have to agree to her Afterlife placement as a Glimmer Slayer. Slayer’s are glorified grim reapers for the dangerous psychopathically inclined—a.k.a. Serial Killers.

When Ryker receives her first set of case files, she has ninety days to choose who will die. Choosing between the lives of two murderers should be easy enough. But when only one can die, and the other will live and continue killing—it makes the decision a bit tougher.

To get what she wants most—the memories of her death—she’ll have to agree to kill or she’ll be exiled from Afterlife. If banished Ryker will wither away into nothingness. She won’t know how she died, if her children are still alive, or if they died alongside her. Add to that the mystery of why Ryker’s the only Afterlifer who can feel pain, and death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It may not be what she expected of her life after death, but if she wants to find the truth, she’ll have to play along. She must choose to take a life—the life of a serial killer, but a life nonetheless.

The manuscript can be compared to The Unnaturals by Jessica Meigs, Betwixt by Darynda Jones, The Wrong Side of Forty by Jana DeLeon, Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, and The Good Place. My manuscript differs from these because it adds elements of neurodivergence, antiheroes, disabilities, chronic pain, and mental health, all with a paranormal twist.

The full or partial manuscript is available upon request. This novel has series potential. I have finished two other novels and have a fourth plotted out. The synopsis is available upon request.

Endless - Glimmer Monster – Book Two by Carmen DaVinleam


This novel is complete at 100K. It is book two in the Glimmer Monster series and is available upon request.


Ryker has been placed back under constant supervision after a not-so-accidental mishap. When she finally gets to go on a tour of Afterlife she meets some children and finds out exactly what it means to be Endless.

Triangle - Glimmer Monster – Book Three by Carmen DaVinleam


This novel is complete at 110K. It is book three in the Glimmer Monster series and is available upon request.

Query not listed due to spoilers for the first two novels.

Cero and the Ninja of Fire – by Carmen DaVinleam

#MG #AC # AD #P #SF #F

One sentence pitch:

Tossed out of his ninja faction, the disgraced ninja of fire must find the sphere of life before it can fall into enemy hands.


Far away, on the planet CERO, everyone has unique gifts—abilities that allow them to be remarkable. That is until the apocalypse awakens the talents of the young, previously ungifted boy Gideon. As Gideon searches for abilities to steal, the dishonored ninja Kroat searches for the great Sphere of Life. When their paths cross, a war like no other begins.

The manuscript is available upon request.

Faded Rose by Carmen DaVinleam

A Girl Scout Mystery – Jan, Crask and the Faded Rose

#MG #M #AC #AD

One sentence pitch:

When one of the twelve members of your Girl Scout troop goes missing—even if you don’t like her—you’ll search high and low until you find your scout sister.


13-year-old Jan and her 12-year-old best friend Crask have been inseparable scout members for two years. 11-year-old Rose is the most spoiled and annoying member of their troop, and she’s always causing trouble. When Rose goes missing during a hike at the park, her irritating habits are forgotten. All Jan and Crask want now is to find out where Rose is and what happened to her. Being on lockdown at troop leader Ms. C’s cabin at the edge of Tully Park isn’t what they expected. But they’ve got a plan to go searching for Rose on their own.

The manuscript is available upon request.

Novels on the darker side of things...

THE SECRETS THAT THEY KEEP – Written under the pseudonym: T.M. Lore

#NA #E #MA #M #T – PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN meets FILTHY RICH – Sex Trafficking subject matter


Alyx Beck has been in the sex business since she was fourteen. It’s not every girl’s dream, but you do what you have to do to survive. When her parents died right before she graduated high school, she had to find a way to take care of her autistic twin brother. Since she was already in the business she decided to dive a little deeper.

At twenty-two now, her handler Estelle controls everything she eats, when she goes to bed, and especially which clients she’ll meet next. Estelle wants to make sure Alyx still looks seventeen because clients pay more for that.

Alyx soon discovers a plan to ship some pre-teen girls to a private island and realizes that she hasn’t been in the sex business, she’s been in the trafficking business; and her parent’s deaths might not have been an accident after all. Together with her brother she’ll stop at nothing to save the girls, discover the truth, and bring down those responsible—even if she has to become a criminal to do it.

The partial manuscript is available upon request.

D.I.D. I Do That – Written under the pseudonym: T.M. Lore

#A #H #E #T – Also includes themes of the dark kind from the perspective of a killer.

One sentence pitch:

How many dark sides could there be in a murderer that has D.I.D?


Don and his best friend Juan aren’t what they seem. Raised by a ruthless grandmother Don has developed a dark side with a taste for blood. When Don’s grandmother passes away, Don and his friend begin a journey of self-discovery.

Frank’s mother left him when he was two, he’s been searching for her ever since. The things that happen in his barn in the woods are for him to know, and the women he captures to find out.

What Don and Frank don’t know is how they are connected. They’ve never met before, but when Frank begins to notice his mother’s things showing up in his barn, things go from bad to worse.

The partial manuscript is available upon request.