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editor :
Richard Narramore
John Wiley & Sons
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
201 748-6575

I am a Senior Editor at Wiley, the leading global publisher of business books, and acquire/publish a broad range of business-related titles. I have published many New York Times bestselling books. I welcome unsolicited proposals, but for a project to be viable the author usually needs to have some kind of significant national marketing/sales platform based around their business. I can be reached at 201-748-6575. Please send proposals to

years experience: 20
-Alexander Osterwalder, Business Model Generation (a global bestseller in 29 languages)
-Philip Kotler (editor), The "Kellogg on Marketing" Series
-Eli Broad, The Art of Being Unreasonable
-Donald Trump, "Trump 101: The Rules for Success"
-David Sibbet, Visual Meetings
-Thomas Lucier, "The Pre-foreclosure Property Investor's Kit" (3 years on the Amazon real estate bestseller list)
-"Mary Kay Inc: More Than a Pink Cadillac" (New York Times bestseller)
-Jeff Liker, "The Toyota Way" (4 years on the Bookscan bestseller list)
-Pete Pande, "The Six Sigma Way" (named "one of the most influential business books of the decade" by Forbes)
Senior Editor, Wiley, since 2004. Previously Acquisitions Editor at McGraw-Hill for ten years.