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writer :
Billie Best
Billie & Moon

I am 64, old school female, a former marketing consultant turned farmer turned writer/blogger/humorist. Now single in the city, I’m submitting my memoir, Crazy Wife Farm, for your consideration. I’ve enjoyed a long career as a writer and spokesperson for my projects in the music business, high tech, and agriculture. Today I’m speaking for myself as an elder woman, sharing my story to be a role model for my demographic: women over 40.

After 9/11, I quit my corporate job and reinvented myself as a farmer. My husband named our farm to memorialize his resistance to our financial doom. While I was riding high on my passion, he slid into a midlife crisis, an affair, then cancer. Unfortunately for me, and the crux of my story, I didn’t find out about the affair until he invited her to say goodbye to him before he died. By then, he didn’t have enough time left to explain himself. I had to solve the mystery of my 32 year marriage in couple’s therapy with a dead man. That’s what drove me crazy. A widow at 54, mad with jealousy, I farmed alone for seven years, until grief, work and debt exhausted the last of my resources. Then I had a year-long meltdown, reinvented myself one more time, and here I am.

At this moment, I’m living in a studio apartment with my dog in Portland, Oregon, where I connect with women around the world through social media and my blog. Marketing myself is my knitting. My resolution for 2019 is to write an entertaining blog post once a week about my adventures in elderhood. The issues I explore in my blog are in line with the issues illuminated in my memoir.

I believe some books are just right for their time, and I think Crazy Wife Farm speaks to this moment when the social role of elder women is changing. It took me a long time to find the wisdom of my experience, but I’m here now, I have another 30 years ahead of me, the chance for a whole new life, and it’s pretty fabulous. That’s why I’m sharing it. Hope you like it.

years experience: 64

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Writing, Copywriting, Technical writing, Proposal writing/editing
Biography, Computers/technology, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Memoir, Aging/Elderhood, Feminism/Women's Studies, Marriage/Widow, Farming/Agriculture
Crazy Wife Farm, a true story by Billie Best
88,000 words
Funny, poignant, provocative
Themes: Women/feminism, elderhood/aging, marriage/widows, healthcare/death, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia, farming/agriculture, urban/rural, hoarding/materialism/consumerism, middle class, personal finance/debt

50 words: When she quits her corporate job and reinvents herself as a farmer, her husband slides into a midlife crisis, an affair, then cancer. A widow at 54, mad with jealousy, she farms alone for seven years, until grief, work and debt exhaust her. Then she reinvents herself one more time.