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writer :
Billie Best

Crazy Wife Farm
How I survived marriage, career & caregiving to rediscover myself at 65

By Billie Best

Crazy Wife Farm tells the story of how the author’s dreams for her future change as she ages. She evolves through marriage, career, and caregiving to a turning point at age 60 when she can choose to repeat her past or learn to love her life alone. Her story speaks with poignant humor to women seeking role models for how to live life for themselves, indulge their passions, and age with grace.

Billie chases her dreams of finding love, having a bountiful career, and living in a beautiful house until she has it all. Then at the peak of her success she quits her job in the corporate world and reinvents herself as a farmer. But as she becomes obsessed with agriculture, her husband slides into a midlife crisis, then cancer. When the storm subsides she must begin again with a new dream. But what will it be? How does a woman start over in her sixties? Why is the future better than the past? With her dog as her new life partner, she goes looking for answers to these questions. What she finds is a world of possibilities and wisdom to explore.

Women over 50 won’t want to miss this important story.

years experience: 65

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Writing, Copywriting, Technical writing, Proposal writing/editing
Biography, Computers/technology, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Memoir, Aging/Elderhood, Feminism/Women's Studies, Marriage/Widow, Farming/Agriculture
Crazy Wife Farm
How I survived marriage, career & caregiving to rediscover myself at 65
Memoir - 88,000 words
Provocative, humorous, poignant

Themes: Women/feminism, elderhood/aging, marriage/widows, healthcare/death, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia, farming/agriculture, urban/rural, hoarding/materialism/consumerism, middle class, personal finance/debt