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writer :
William Mazanitis, MD

This writer is looking for an agent
Fiction writing
Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction
I am introducing my new work, THE CURE, a 94,000 word scientific mystery/thriller.

Christian Darius, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for The New York Times, is a man still tormented by the death of his wife in a car accident three years ago that also left his then sixteen-year-old daughter in a coma with severe brain damage. He spends his days in his Upper West Side apartment with his aged cat cursing God, in whom he doesn’t believe. Together with Detective James Drake of the NYPD he has helped solve many celebrated cases, but none as puzzling as the two now facing them.

The body of a white male in his twenties wearing an unnaturally faded Marine tattoo from the Viet Nam era is found drowned beneath the Hudson piers. In the same week another Viet Nam veteran presumed dead appears at his daughter’s bedside looking as he did when he was twenty. The two cases become one when they are both identified to be veterans from the same platoon, both of whom went missing some ten years ago. But they would be in their sixties by now, and the dead man lost both legs in the war. How can they be the same men? And if not, who are they?

Surviving abductions and torture at the hands of a ruthless government agent, the team of Darius and Drake discover a program that will forever change mankind but which the government will do anything to keep secret for the nation’s national security. But Darius knows that if the program is real, it may even cure his daughter.

The Cure employs present day scientific developments to pose a critical question which our leaders must face in the next twenty years: Can the cure ever be made public?

THE DAEDALUS PROJECT is an 88,000 word scientific thriller in the tradition of Michael Crichton.

In the laboratories of the Janus Corporation, a group of chimps are displaying incredible new powers: ESP, telekinesis, the regeneration of severed limbs, the ability to see in the X-ray and UV spectrum. Where do these powers come from?

It is carnival in Venice, Italy. During a conference on the human genome, Max Wilder, Professor of Genomics at Columbia, witnesses the murder of his brother Toby, a scientist at the secretive Janus Corporation. Among Toby’s personal effects Max discovers a computer program that rocks the foundations of known science: it proves the development of the human race was not the result of evolution but was pre-written in the genetic code. Even more astounding is the program’s ability to predict and create the precise genes that will “evolve” far into man's distant future.

With aid of Cyd, Toby’s girlfriend, Max embarks on a dangerous mission to avenge his brother’s murder and discover the meaning and origin of the mysterious computer program. But they are soon faced with the same forces that have killed Toby and that are intent on destroying all who have come in contact with the program.

My interest in the genome began as a Harvard undergraduate and continued throughout Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Yale residency, and my medical career. I studied fiction writing at Harvard, Columbia, The New School, the Writer’s Studio in New York, and for a year with Gordon Lish.