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author website designer :
Daniel Berkowitz

AuthorPop is a consultancy that works with authors on a range of digital initiatives, including website design, advertising, email marketing, social media, self-publishing and more.

years experience: 8
Web design
Marketing, Self-publishing
“Dan seamlessly transitioned and updated my old website, giving it a fresh new look and greatly enhanced ease of use (and ease of updating). He's great to work with—efficient, effective, resourceful and whip-smart. I feel lucky to have my site in his able hands!”
— Megan Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of THE TURNOUT, YOU WILL KNOW ME, THE FEVER and GIVE ME YOUR HAND

“AuthorPop is a lifesaver for any author who wants a beautiful website that really showcases their books and reaches the audience they hope to reach. Dan listened closely to make sure that I got exactly the site I had envisioned. As important, he is amazingly responsive and handles the behind the scenes of keeping the site updated, as well as running smoothly, at all times.”
— Heather Ann Thompson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of BLOOD IN THE WATER

“Dan made setting up and maintaining a professional-looking website incredibly easy. From the very first time we spoke, I could tell he had experience not just with web design, but specifically working with authors. That made a huge difference. Most important of all, now I have a gorgeous online home for my cat photos.”
— David Litt, New York Times bestselling author of THANKS, OBAMA and DEMOCRACY IN ONE BOOK OR LESS