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writer :
Arnie Benn
The Intrepid (Working Cover)

I write fiction and non-fiction, both of which are intended to elevate our collective consciousness and promote greater insight into human behavior and the trajectory of our global society.

I do this in a more cerebral fashion in my non-fiction work (The Animal In The Mirror), which describes our fear-based, instinctive, emotional, group-thinking nature, as well as how to rise above it through conscious, behavioral evolution. I might describe the ethos of this work as Malcolm Gladwell-esque. 'If we do not see the animal in our mirror, then the animal is in complete control... and freedom of choice remains, sadly — wastefully — beyond our grasp.'

I do it in a fun, exciting, and engaging way in my science fiction (or 'S.T.E.M.-fiction') work (The Intrepid: Dawn Of The Interstellar Age). It weaves together similar themes relating to consciousness and societal progress, but along with substantive and 'realistic' cutting-edge science that is shared in a manner that is accessible and intuitive to the layman. ('It does not go off, and Yarrow realizes she would sigh with relief if she were not straining at the exertion. Dragging a nuclear weapon is really hard work, especially in the grip of Proxima b’s over-enthusiastic force of gravity. "Ughhh. Of all the things I ever dreamed of doing on Prox b," she gasps, “this sure as hell wasn’t one of them."') It even contains a glossary of scientific concepts in the Appendix for the more discerning or serious reader of hard science fiction.

I have degrees in chemistry and music, and a deep interest in and a love for both the sciences and the arts. I am a firm believer that no accurate understanding of the world can be attained without looking into many different areas of study, since the world contains them all, intermingled, interwoven, sometimes indistinguishable. The universe is awe-inspiring, both at the large, intermediate, and small scales, and as an experienced and engaging teacher, I believe I am able to communicate this to the reader in an appealing and compelling way.

On the more philosophical side, like so many others, I too see a vision of the heights to which humanity is capable of ascending. I believe that my journey of self-analysis, through many and varied professional experiences, has enabled me to shine a self-evident and extremely useful light on the human condition, one that I believe can have a profoundly positive impact. And for a writer, such a contribution represents a life well-spent.

I feel blessed to be able to contribute an oar to this, our upstream journey towards the realization of our potential, and to do so in two very different stylistic written media.

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Writing, Fiction writing
Fantasy/science fiction, Mind/body/spirit, Non-fiction — Human behavior/Self-help
EVOLUTIONOLOGY: The Power Of Knowing How People Work:
"The book is really outstanding. Very, very smart, well researched, and I love the humor and personal touches. I read multiple books at the same time but your book 'took over'." — Dr Leslie Kelman, Neurologist (Atlanta, GA)
"Wow, who ever thought such a short book could have such a huge impact, an amazing book." — Amazon review
"If you're looking for an eye-opening book on the human condition - look no further. Benn is a master storyteller and delivers a compelling study of not only how we all work but why we make choices we make. Once discovered, this book will change lives." — Amazon review

THE INTREPID: Dawn Of The Interstellar Age:
"This book under-promises and over-delivers." Stephen J. Kaufman, Esq.
"I genuinely think this is a tour de force. Absolutely fantastic!” — Michael Mercury, Director of Engineering, The Exploration Institute.
"Poetic, visionary, captivating… and inspiring. It has all those elements that make a novel hard to put down: conflict, high stakes, a compelling narrative… and great writing." — Dr. Timothy Twombly.
"This was a fun read! I genuinely enjoyed it and would recommend it to other sci-fi fans." — Dr. Erin McNellis

The Intrepid: Dawn Of The Interstellar Age (science fiction); The Animal In The Mirror (non-fiction: psychology/human behavior/self-help)
Evolutionology: The Power Of Knowing How People Work
The Intrepid: Dawn Of The Interstellar Age (science fiction); The Animal In The Mirror (non-fiction: psychology/human behavior/self-help)
TEACHER: Chemistry, Environmental Science, Math, Physics, and Music. (High School & Undergraduate level)
PRODUCER: Hollywood film/video & media content producer. (11 years)
THINK-TANK Co-founder & Science Researcher at The Quantum Bicycle Society (
TEDx TALK: "Emotional Wisdom & Real Freedom of Choice"