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Anniqua Rana
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writer :
Anniqua Rana
Wild Boar in the Cane Field

At six, Anniqua self-published one copy of a book of poems. At sixteen, she started writing a novel but stopped to accumulate degrees, BA in English Literature and Psychology, and an MA in English Literature by her twenty-first birthday. After teaching in Pakistan for a few years, she immigrated to the US with her husband and accumulated a few more degrees, another MA, and a doctorate in International Education. She put those degrees to work for thirty years as a Professor of English as a Second Language and even dabbled in Educational Administration for a few years.

In 2019, she returned to her calling as a writer and published her debut novel in the US and Pakistan, Wild Boar in the Cane Field. “A compelling and rare glimpse into the life of rural Pakistan”, according to internationally acclaimed, and an award-winning Pakistani novelist, Bapsi Sidhwa.

In 2020, Anniqua decided to write full-time.

She has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a Professor and Administrator at San Mateo Community College District and has taught at Community Colleges in the Bay Area Colleges, Stanford University, University of San Francisco, and Lahore University of Management. She was on the team at the State Chancellor’s Office leading efforts to eliminate inequities in the California Community College System serving 2.1 million students attending 115 colleges. Anniqua has also worked with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan providing yearly training in Leadership in Education and Using Technology in the Classroom.

Anniqua is proud she interviewed Asma Jahangir, Human Rights Advocate, Pakistan. In addition, her writing can be found in International Education, Listening to the Voices, Fourteen Hills, The Noyo River Review, Delay Fiction, Bangalore Review, and Naya Daur TV.

Wild Boar in the Cane Field has been short-listed for the 2020 UBL Literary Award for debut novel in English. Anniqua’s work was also recognized by The Desi Writer Lounge short story competition.

She has participated in Radio shows, Podcasts, and panel interviews in the US, UK, and Pakistan to promote her novel. More information is available on their website.

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Two biracial sisters, Selma and Anniqua grew up in the 70s between gloomy London and sleepy Punjab. Fifty years later, stuck at home in the Spanish-speaking worlds of Andalusia and California, they embark on a virtual pilgrimage. Gathering relics of literature and art, they trek through America, Europe, Asia, and Africa seeking selfhood. Indulgences for past sins like arson and chemical warfare on British slugs come easy. However, when their journey takes them through World War II and the Partition of India, they struggle with the tragedy of identities branded on the innocent. It will take a Simurgh’s feather to bring them home.