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Amy Brewer Patty Carothers
Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Amy Brewer has been an avid reader and lover of literature her whole life. She is a graduate of Culver-Stockton College with a theater degree because drama, romance, and angst are her lifelong passions. She is the co-writer of the Texting Prince Charming series and continues to be enthralled with the art of writing. During her internship at Metamorphosis, she has learned to utilize her skills as a certified yoga teacher to calm writers nerves and help guide them to the right publishers so that they may realize their dreams. She’s seeking: Anything in the romance genre and LGBTQ but loves an engaging fantasy.

Patty Carothers has been creating stories ever since she was three years old. What started off as fairy tales of faraway lands, has morphed into her co-writing the Texting Prince Charming series. She is a certified copy editor and an Oxford comma fangirl. As a literary agent with Metamorphosis, she helps teach authors how to improve their inner writing voices and see their stories to fruition. She utilizes her passion for being a wordsmith and grammar guru to help writers develop their writing skills and harness their distinctive inner voices. She has taught multiple workshops and classes on the subjects: The Art of Self-Editing, How to Create a Character that Jumps off the Page, Creating and Supporting the Story Arc in Fiction, and How to Successfully Pitch an Agent.

General fiction, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Cookbooks, LGBTQ, YA