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agent :
Allegra Martschenko
Ladderbird Literary Agency

Ladderbird is a boutique literary agency with a passion for bringing marginalized voices to the forefront. We work with authors at all levels to create the right path towards achieving each author's specific goals. It is our passion to create long-lasting relationships and to be the best advocate for our clients. At Ladderbird, we believe in building a supportive community that benefits all.

As both a writer and an editor, Allegra brings a well-rounded perspective to author-agent relationships and prioritizes championing diverse voices. They have a degree in architecture with a minor in creative writing from Princeton University and have worked at Princeton University Press, Cornell University Press, and the University Press of Colorado shepherding books into the world. They love books that love you back: sweeping stories, characters with big hearts, and prose that inspires. When they’re not reading, you can usually find them gardening, crafting, or wrestling their misbehaving cats.

Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
Allegra is looking for beautifully written science fiction and fantasy books in the young adult and adult space. Their top priority is elevating stories and authors traditionally marginalized in publishing and they are always on the hunt for gorgeous prose.

In the SFF space they’re open to anything and everything so long as the language is gorgeous. They appreciate family stories (including found family), stories about intergenerational conflict, meddling gods, and works that pull from several genres. They especially appreciate books that don’t take themselves too seriously, even when dealing with heavy topics. Allegra aims to represent ambitious authors, ones who write because they love slotting together new stories into intricate puzzles.

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