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Based on the novel Cogan's Trade
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"Sensuously lush and thought-provoking . . . a beautiful and incisive affirmation of how 'full engagement with the natural world enriches the human experience.' " --Booklist (starred review)
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Albert LaFarge
Albert LaFarge Literary Agency

The Albert LaFarge Literary Agency was founded in 2003, in association with the David Black Literary Agency, Inc., and has operated independently since 2006 under the direction of Albert LaFarge, PhD, whose areas of competence and interest range widely in the humanities. The agency currently handles about three dozen clients, including literary estates and cultural institutions. The agency offers global media management, including translation and performance rights, through associated agencies in London and Los Angeles.

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Anthology, Art and Photography, Biography, Design, Essay, Fiction, History, Medicine, Memoir, Narrative Journalism, Popular Science, Sports, Travel, Urban Studies
“The best agent since the earth cooled.” —Marek Fuchs, author of A Cold-Blooded Business (Skyhorse Publishers)

“Albert LaFarge had so very much to do with the care and feeding of this work [The Agent (Harcourt)] when it was an orphan manuscript.” —George V. Higgins

“Every writer has an ideal reader, often imaginary, in mind when working on a book. ... Albert LaFarge, my tennis-fanatic agent, was excited from my first e-mail outlining the idea of this book [A Terrible Splendor (Crown)] ... It is highly unlikely that this book would ever have existed with his early enthusiasm.” —Marshall Jon Fisher

“Albert LaFarge provided insights into writing a popular medical book that were invaluable and led me through the difficult path of bringing this work [Treating the Brain (Dana Press)] to the public.” —Walter M. Bradley

“Albert LaFarge used his charm, knowledge, and savvy to find this book the perfect home at Oxford University Press.” —Michael A. Ross, author of The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case

“Albert LaFarge has made decisive contributions in getting this book published.” —James C. O’Connell, author of The Hub’s Metropolis (MIT Press)

“Albert LaFarge, my spirited, energetic agent, helped me rework and shorten the manuscript with expertise and a light touch.” —Isabelle Storey, author of Walker’s Way: My Years with Walker Evans (powerHouse Books)

“My thanks go to Albert LaFarge, for knowing just where this book belonged.” —Akiko Busch, author of The Incidental Steward (Yale University Press)

“Albert LaFarge … opened my first overstuffed envelope containing my inklings and had faith enough in my work to put it out into the world.” —Annie Downey, author of Hot and Bothered (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill)
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