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bWise: Business Wisdom Worldwide Series
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Sanjyot Dunung
Atma Global
Atma Global -- Bringing the World to You

Atma Global is a leading-edge developer and publisher of innovative global learning products, focusing on countries, cultures, and global business topics. A recognized leader in cross-cultural publishing and learning, our multimedia content has been used by: professionals in diverse industries in the global Fortune 1000; professors and students at leading universities around the world; and, global enthusiasts.

As a part of our work creating some of the leading-edge technology-delivered learning products, we have created a proprietary asset database with country, culture, and topic specific content, in video, image, audio, and text formats. This extensive database includes vibrant, unique content on more than 32 countries. Our library continues to expand as we bring the world to you.

At our core competence, we’re country, culture, and global business experts. We’re a recognized leader in the field of cross-cultural learning. Our content development teams are seasoned global experts, who are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, and experience. As experienced academics, journalists, and businesspeople, our experts are highly trained; possess a Masters or PhD. in business or the human sciences; and, have experience working and living around the world. We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity. Our teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life. Our team of experienced photographers and film editors create moving visuals that tell the complete story of a country and its people and immerse users in the local sights and sounds.

Reliable, Engaging Content
Atma Global - Bringing the World to You

years experience: 15
Reference, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Travel, Lifestyle, Children's books, Social Sciences
CultureQuest™ is a series of multimedia products (text and video) specializing on culture, country, and business knowledge.

The CQ Global Business Video Series enables viewers to learn more about key global business issues.

The bWise™: Business Wisdom Worldwide is an engaging, concise, and informative country, culture, and global business guide series for professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts. Maximize your success potential and satisfy your curiosity as you learn about countries, cultures, and timely global business topics.

Our Publishing Philosophy:

Edu-taining Content. Our philosophy is that learning should be enjoyable, engaging and user friendly, regardless of how, where, and when you choose to access it.

Useful insight needs more than 140 characters. Our approach is not to “spoon feed” you a bunch of do’s and don’ts, rather we look to give you an in-depth, straightforward perspective of a culture, country or a global business topic so that you can extract the information you need and want.

Context. We believe that it’s essential to know about how’s and why’s behind a topic. Whether the attitudes towards work and business interactions, business protocols, or the way people communicate – much has to do with the overall context in which society operates. History, government, politics, geography, and a host of other factors all play into this equation as well. More than just a presentation of facts, our essential learning content provide a reliable, comprehensive proprietary analysis about a business culture or global business topic.

bWise: Business Wisdom Worldwide is expanding to include enhanced eBooks with video.

Navigate your way to global success with the latest releases from Atma Global.