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writer :
Judy Douglas Knauer
Judy Douglas Knauer, Writer

Since second grade I've written about people using their own words and actions, which has proven invaluable. My seven-year journalism career consistently, congruently won scorn, praise and awards. That press pass opened doors, took me places I'd never imagined I'd go (four state prisons, a yellow-taped crime scene, a devil-worship camp site, to name a few), introduced me to people I now call friends and some I would never call friend, and exposed me to danger and reward. I sold several magazine articles based on our family's farm-steading activities; a bread-making article; a romance novel to editor Carolyn Nichols when she was with Berkley/Jove publishers--all prior to my journalism career. I was Editor/reporter/photographer for both weekly and daily newspapers from January 1988 to July 1995. Job consisted of all phases of reporting, editing and layout, as well as photography and photo development. Held titles including reporter, editor-in-chief, editorial columnist, regional editor, managing editor, investigative reporter, sports reporter, community news/school reporter for three different publishers and worked from offices in Fairbury, El Paso and Pontiac, IL.(See newspaper awards list under Honors)

I've written over a dozen novels, sold three without an agent. My greatest thrill is when I'm writing fiction and/or TALKING about writing. Listening and researching are critical to my constant yearning to learn. KIRKUS REVIEWS said of my latest thriller that I have "impressively colorful characters." That thriller is seeking an agent.

(Author of unpublished works including PI series; journalist sleuth; romantic suspense; romance; thriller; and, parenting guide on substance abuse prevention.)

I provide editorial services privately and have edited for Mystery Writers of America, Midwest, where I am an active member. I'm also a professional member of Sisters in Crime, and a member of the Fairbury (IL) Chamber of Commerce.

I was an Administrative Assistant for a consulting engineering firm for 12 years.

I'm also a transcriptionist, using InqScribe software.

years experience: 35
rates: Current editing rates. Transcription rates are $2/non-verbatim minute; $3.50/verbatim minute

This writer is looking for an agent
Writing, Fiction writing, Developmental editing, Line-editing, Copy editing, Proofreading
Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Memoir, Parenting, Child safety script, Newspaper reporter, Farm-steading articles
Of my P.I. novel, A DIRTY WAY TO DIE, J. DOUGLAS KNAUER, Michael A. Black, author of Hostile Takeovers, says: "Manny Shepherd is a breath of fresh air for the PI scene. A Dirty Way to Die rocks, and J. Douglas Knauer writes with just the right combination of grit and savoir-faire to give the book both style and realism."

Luisa Buehler, author of The InnKeeper: An Unregistered Death, says: "Pulse-pounding action, a flawed hero with a code of ethics, and the inside story on women mud wrestlers combine for an exciting adventure in J. Douglas Knauer's A Dirty Way to Die"

Sexy and lusty mud-wrestlers and murder. Manny has his hands full. Looking for some entertainment? You’ll find it (in A Dirty Way To Die).
---Frank J. Scully, author of Resurrection Garden

CONTACT: Author, Judy Douglas Knauer, Email:

Newspaper Journalism with award-emphasis on feature writing.
OVER THE EDGE, a thriller, J.D. Knauer: Iran's tyranny shadows two refugees: a Christian doctor who seeks a new life in the U.S. and gets caught between desperate power grabbers, and a disgruntled anti-Muslim rogue mercenary whose quest for catastrophic revenge cannot be stopped. With a passionate female pediatrician standing between them, their inevitable clash leaves no room for mistakes.OVER THE EDGE, a thriller, J.D. Knauer: Iran's tyranny shadows two refugees: a Christian doctor who seeks a new life in the U.S. and gets caught between desperate power grabbers, and a disgruntled anti-Muslim rogue mercenary whose quest for catastrophic revenge cannot be stopped. With a passionate female pediatrician standing between them, their inevitable clash leaves no room for mistakes.

OVER THE EDGE, J.D. Knauer From KIRKUS REVIEWS: "Knauer crafts a thriller that draws on present-day Middle East strife and the U.S. government's attitudes toward terrorism, illustrating how violent radicalism isn't a new problem but one bred by the radicalism of a past generation. It couples this with a rather formulaic mix of action, sex, suspense and secret formulas. However, the novel's secondary characters shine; Nail's inside man is a government contractor with a pantyhose fetish, for example, and the man who helps Nail plant his explosives is a bilious, cancer-ridden roughneck. The book's human touches aren't merely fun, but key to the plot. A thriller with a fairly standard plot but an impressively colorful case of characters."
OVER THE EDGE is seeking a Literary Agent and/or a Mystery Writers of America qualified publisher.

YOU CAN STILL DANCE WITHOUT NIPPLES (May the Metaphors Be With You), a memoir, Judy Douglas Knauer: I tell my story from youthful incidents like my first fist fight with another girl in fourth grade to avenge a friend’s honor, to life with a narcissistic mother, an abusive husband, interaction with a lecherous priest; causes I ran for paratroopers stuck in Vietnam, and a school district drug abuse problem; searches for love, self-esteem battles, and steeling myself for the fight whenever life throws me against the wall. Like when I was diagnosed with noninvasive breast cancer. I reveal how writing and faith and music are tools I use to seize life at its worst and its best. You Can Still Dance Without Nipples is true…and a metaphor. I hope readers seize the power and use it. CHAPTER OUTLINE AVAILABLE, approximately 87,000 words

College-level training includes: Richland College, Decatur, IL English Composition I and English Composition II - 4.0 GPA; Lincoln College, Normal, IL campus, Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation (taught by Illinois State University Chief of Police Ronald Swan who also taught at the police academy in Moscow) - 4.0 GPA;Lincoln College, Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation (Swan) – 4.0 GPA;Lincoln College, Desktop Publishing I – 4.0 GPA; Black Hawk College, Moline, IL (on-line course) International Business (Economics 270) - 4.0 GPA

WRITER-RELATED activities include: Wrote script on AVOIDING STRANGERS, which is used by Prairie Central Junior High (Forrest, IL) students’ CARES Clowns group in presentations made to lower elementary grade students. CARES Clowns also deal with substance abuse prevention and were formed by myself and an elementary principal in 1986.
*PANELIST at Romance Writers of America, Midwest Branch, annual conference, Chicago, 1986
*JUDGE for Illinois Press Association college student feature story contest, 1993
*JUDGE for National Newspaper Association/Georgia Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Humorous Column contest, 1995
*LED a fiction writer’s workshop in August 2004, by invitation from the University of Illinois Library at the 1st Annual Book Market at the Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana, IL and sponsored by a library consortium headed by the U of I Library. I was among over 30 writers, with several of us leading workshops.
*PANELIST at Midwest Mystery Writers of America Love Is Murder conference, Chicago, February 2007; 2012; 2013.
*Among 40+ authors attending Kankakee Public Library Authors Fair, April 14, 2007
*Invited and spoke as one of about 30 ILLINOIS PROFESSIONAL AUTHORS at Chicago’s Cultural Center by Illinois Women’s Press Association
*PANELIST and MODERATOR at 2010 Magna Cum Murder conference sponsored by Ball State University, Muncie, IN
*INTERVIEWED and on YOU TUBE through Ball State University on private eye mystery
*BOOK SIGNINGS at Indianapolis Borders, Rockford Barnes & Noble, writer conferences, local community sale day, and Buy Locally day.

Since 1982, I have participated in writer workshops and/or conferences in Washington, D.C.; Matteson, Rolling Meadows, Chicago, Bloomington, Evanston, Schaumburg, IL; St. Louis, MO; Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach, Orlando, FL; New Orleans, LA; Indianapolis, IN; Philadelphia, PA; Muncie, IN; Phoenix, AZ; New York, NY; and Omaha, NB for a total 29.

1995, 1st place, Education Reporting, Illinois Press Association (IPA) Better Newspaper Contest, Division B weekly newspapers
•1995, 1st place, Headline Writing, IPA Better Newspaper Contest.
•1995, 1st honorable mention, Investigative Reporting, IPA Better Newspaper Contest
•1994, 3rd place, Feature Story, IPA annual contest.
•1994, 1st honorable mention, IPA, Sports Feature.
•1994, 1st place, Sports Story, American Publishing Co., annual intra-organization (world-wide) contest.
•1994, 2nd place, Best Feature Photo, American Publishing Co.
•1994, 3rd place, Best Hard News Story, American Publishing Co.
•1993, 3rd place, Newspaper Column, “Thoughts That Breathe . . . and gasp and wheeze!” IPA
•1993, 1st place, Best Hard News Story, American Publishing Co.
•1993, Outstanding Achievement award presented for news coverage of local high school FFA events
•1990-92 did not enter contests under two different publisher transitions
•1989, 2nd and 3rd places, two Features, IPA
•1989, Honorable mention in Polly Robinson statewide, all newspapers, feature contest/Southern Illinois University