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Contract Author (Remote)
posted: July 7, 2021
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Crazy Maple Studio, Inc.
Project Basis
Sunnyvale, CA
Crazy Maple Studio, the maker of the wildly popular and top-grossing Chapters, Spotlight, KISS, and Scream storytelling apps, is seeking contract authors for the ongoing development of IP romance and thriller novels.

The ideal candidates will:
- Have extensive experience writing high-heat romance novels and/or edge-of-your-seat thrillers/suspense/horror novels with strong hooks and addictive pacing.
- Be able to produce story outlines and novel-length works based on premise pitches from our in-house editorial team.
- Be socially inclusive, and comfortable telling stories featuring the full scope of consensual romance (including but not limited to: m/f, m/m, f/f, nb, poly, ménage).
- Be comfortable asking questions and collaborating with the editorial team.
- Work efficiently and reliably in regards to project schedules and deadlines.
- Have broad imaginations and like to have fun with the stories they write.
- Be comfortable publishing under Crazy Maple Studio’s in-house pen names.

Essential knowledge and skills:
- Strong technical command of the English language (grammar, spelling, phrasing, punctuation) so that minimal line edits are required.
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Word.
- Strong revision skills.
- Clear understanding of current romance trends and tropes.
- Strong time management skills.

This is a remote, project-based contract opportunity. Payment will be made on a flat-fee, per-project basis.
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Crazy Maple Studio was born in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2017. Our goal is to bring fictional stories to life by blending animation, music, sound effects, and a unique style of gameplay that offers players and readers an immersive interactive experience. We are the maker of the wildly popular and top-grossing Chapters, Spotlight, KISS, and Scream storytelling apps. Learn more about us at
Interested candidates should send a résumé detailing relevant writing experience, links to any previous publications, and two (2) writing samples to
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