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posted: June 7, 2021
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AA Grapevine, Inc.
Health; Dental; 401K
Full Time
New York, NY
The Publisher serves as the chief administrative officer and president of AA Grapevine, Inc. (AAGV). The Publisher reports directly to the AA Grapevine Board of Directors and is responsible for operating the corporation in accordance with the strategic plan, policies, directives, and programs approved by the Grapevine Board of Directors. The Publisher also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation which includes managing both financial and human resources. The Publisher is the primary liaison with the General Service Board (GSB) and the AAGV Board. The Vision and Mission statements of the AAGV Board, and the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous, summarize the standards to which the Publisher is committed.

Operations – The Publisher, under the direction of the Grapevine Board of Directors:
• Implements programs and oversees the operations and staff according to the policies and procedures, strategic plan and budget approved by the AAGV Board of Directors in accordance with local, state and federal laws and regulations;
• Ensures the timely production of all publications and maintains the high standards that the Fellowship expects from AAGV publications;
• Safeguards that all funds, physical assets, historical artifacts and other property of the corporation are maintained and administered in accordance with sound business and financial principles and practices;
• Oversees the editorial policy for the AAGV and La Viña magazines, and other products, following AAGV Board approvals; and
• Develops, implements, and measures digital content strategy and marketing, including but not limited to editing and publishing on a variety of digital platforms, such as websites, videos, podcasts, other emerging social media outlets, etc.

Strategic Planning
• Participates with the AAGV Board on long-term strategic planning, business planning and budget development.

Budgeting & Financial Reporting
• Develops and manages budgets for the Grapevine and La Viña, in consultation with the Board Treasurer and the AAGV Board’s Finance Committee;
• Communicates with the AAGV Board on all significant Grapevine operations; and
• Presents the AAGV Board with regular reports of operations, including but not limited to financial and human resources, sales, etc.

Relationships – Internal
• Motivates and develops AAGV staff to achieve the mission, performance goals, and priorities of the organization;
• Ensures that all staff are annually evaluated according to performance expectations, priorities and objectives, and manages compensation recommendations;
• Demonstrates commitment to an inclusive and diverse work environment; and
• Directly supervises the following positions:
o Director of Operations,
o Accountant,
o Senior Editor,
o Production Manager, and
o Web Coordinator.

Relationships – External
• Executes all contracts, commitments, and obligations as authorized by the AAGV Board and/or established policies; and
• Effectively manages AAGV Inc.’s multiple vendor relationships.

Organizational Relationships
• Represents the AA Grapevine, Inc. at GSB events, participates in AAGV Board meetings (including but not limited to AAGV Board Weekends, GSB Board weekends, the annual General Service Conference, and Regional Forums);
• Acts as a liaison to the General Service Office (GSO) and its General Manager, fostering cooperation and relationships between the GSO and AAGV;
• Serves as a member of the General Service Conference of AA and provides the Conference Committee on Grapevine and La Viña, AAGV Board Chair and directors with the information and staff support needed to support: committee work, presentations, workshops and other assignments in a timely manner;
• Develops programs with the AAGV Board, and staff, to foster Fellowship outreach efforts and promulgates the use of AAGV publications as Twelfth Step tools, public information tools, and as aids to long-term sobriety;
• Fosters and maintains effective relationships with other organizations, as appropriate, and as directed by the AAGV Board; and
• Attends the Trustees’ Finance and Budgetary Committee, and other committees of the Trustees, as requested and appointed by the General Service Board.

Desired Qualifications
• Exemplifies a history of leadership, innovation, and goal achievement in a multimedia company, including successful financial management;
• Possesses management experience that integrates creative and collaborative leadership practices;
• Demonstrates success working with cross-functional teams, at multi-site locations, while building and maintaining strong, effective relationships;
• Functional experiences and skills in administering not-for-profit organizations;
• Communicates effectively in oral and written form, with good interpersonal skills;
• Holds a bachelor’s degree level or higher; and
• Has a minimum of ten years of continuous sobriety in AA.

Demonstrated Core Competencies/Skills
• Leadership
• Integrity
• Communication
• Strategy Delivery & Management
• Business Insight
• Financial Acumen
• Customer Service Focus
• Innovative
• Collaborative
• Change Management
• Initiative
• Adaptability
Michelle Mirza
All applicants can send resumes and cover letters to Michelle Mirza,
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