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Children's Book Editor
posted: June 19, 2019
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Rebel Girls
Health; Dental; 401K; Generous Maternity Leave
Full Time
The Rebel Girls Editor is responsible for conceptualizing, pitching and developing product ideas. She also focuses on developmental editing, proofing, and line editing all Rebel Girls properties including the book series, podcast, and ancillary products (i.e. school planner, calendar, etc.). She is responsible for communicating with contracted hires such as freelance writers, fact checkers, illustrators, and researchers, particularly when it comes to setting production schedules and ensuring that they comply with company deadlines. She has a proven ability to multitask: prioritizing workloads and delivering completed products on tight deadlines.

Key Responsibilities:

• Manage multiple book projects while maintaining high standards of quality control and sticking to production schedules.
• Copyedit, proofread, collate, and route cover copy, catalog copy, cover mechanicals, and other materials related to the editorial process of our books.
• Collate and check proofs; copyedit and proofread miscellaneous material (e.g., front matter, back matter, indexes) and flap copy, mechanicals, and proofs.
• Recruit and hire freelance work-for-hire writers, copyeditors, proofreaders, and indexers, and oversee their work.
• Perform substantive and developmental editorial work on select titles.
• Maintain provided budgets for editorial expenses (writers, copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, and typesetters.
• Secure contracts, releases, and endorsements as needed.
• Work closely with marketing staff to develop strong and compelling promotional materials.
• Assist in the outlining and conceptualizing of new titles and products, including brainstorming, critical feedback, and analysis of the current market.
• Draft back cover copy, catalog copy, and other marketing copy as needed.
• Maintain keen eye for market trends and voice for marketing/sales-style copy.
• Good judgment regarding when to make a change and when to move something upline for approval.

Skills and Experience Requirements:
• At LEAST 5 years of Children’s Book developmental editing, copyediting, and writing.
• Worked with/managed other editors, copywriters, development editors and illustrators.
• Exceptional writing and editing skills in the young adult and children’s book space.
• Prior involvement in developing/creating original content for books.
• Strong familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style.
• Extensive editorial and production oversight of 5-10+ projects per year.
• Prior oversight experience of the entire book development and production process.
• Solid experience and knowledge of content development and editorial processes.
• A solid understanding and awareness of the Children's book market including comp research.
• Experience working with and inspiring authors to develop book length manuscripts.
• Seeking previously published works from foreign publishers.
• Strong and proven project management experience in the publishing space.
• Worked with freelance writers, editors, illustrators, and production editors.
• A network of freelance developmental editors, editors, illustrators, etc.
• A proven ability to multi-task, prioritize workloads, manage simultaneous projects, and deliver completed products on tight deadlines.
• Experience in setting production schedules and deadlines and then making them happen.
• Have screened, hired and managed freelance copy editors, proofreaders, fact-checkers, illustrators, etc.

Ensuring that all products are high-quality and as error free as possible.
Managing expectations for both authors and editorial staff.
Communicating concerns related to production timing, content subject matter, and originality
About Our  
Rebel Girls is a cultural media engine on a mission to raise a generation of confident girls, backed by a global audience spanning 70 countries. Through vivid storytelling and compelling multimedia content, we encourage girls to explore, learn, and dream without limits. Our book series, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is the foundation of all that we do. The series is a two-volume collection, each comprised of 100 stories of inspirational women who have changed the world. At its core, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls focuses on highlighting and celebrating women’s achievements, daring adventures, and struggles to navigate a patriarchal world. The women featured in the books are from every corner of the world; they are of different ages; they are past and present heroes; and their backgrounds and occupations span every industry and career path possible. This diversity allows every girl to see themselves reflected in the series.

We founded Rebel Girls because we understand that children make sense of the world around them through the stories they are told. Existing stories offer girls a very narrow representation of themselves, and the imagery that accompanies those stories have offered them an even narrower variety of “perfection.” This manifests as self-doubt, which plagues girls in school first, and later in the workplace. The time has come to start changing the narrative around femininity, it’s time to change the stories we’re telling children. And that is the work that we are doing.

At our core, we believe that every girl has the right to grow up knowing that she can be anything she wants, because little girls with big dreams become women with great vision. That’s the most powerful engine we have to change the world. So we are determined to inspire every girl in the world dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder.
Joy Fowlkes
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In your cover letter, please list any projects that you've recently worked on, any packaging experience that you may have, and the location you'd prefer to work in.
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