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Freelance Fiction Writer-for-Hire (Romance)
posted: Jan. 18, 2019
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Radish Fiction
Radish Fiction, a mobile app for serial fiction, is looking for freelance writers interested in the romance genre and serialized storytelling.

We have developed original story concepts and detailed outlines for commercial romance projects. We are looking to hire a writer to write five chapters of each project. Each chapter is approximately 1,500 words. We will test these stories with our audience and the most successful ones will be written into a complete "season" of approximately 20 chapters. The compensation is $50 per each 1,500 word chapter.

In order to find the best writer for each project, we are reviewing prose writing samples that demonstrate your proficiency in writing romantic serialized fiction.

Applicants should have the following skillset:
Ability to write in a serialized style
Ability to write fast-paced action and snappy dialogue
Ability to write in a commercial and dramatic style
Interest in romantic fiction and other genres with romantic elements (Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA, Thriller, etc.)
Ability to write high-heat scenes

Writers should be confident writing inclusive works with a diverse cast of characters for our diverse and international readership.

Approved applicants will then be matched with a project and compensated for a sample chapter.

If you're interested in being part of the above, please send a resume and a 3 page prose writing sample (in the romance genre) to Resumes and writing samples MUST be sent as PDF.

We recommend you read some of the stories featured in the cover page of our app to get a sense of the format, genre, heat level, and quality that we’re looking for.

You can read more about Radish here:
About Our  
Radish is an exciting mobile fiction platform for serialized storytelling. Our wide variety of stories are published and read in bite-sized installments optimized for the smartphone reader. It’s the literary equivalent of addictive TV shows, right on your phone!

Radish is revolutionizing the way that stories are consumed and produced. Readers can access thousand of serials across genres and connect directly with their favorite storytellers in live community chat rooms. Authors can publish their own original stories, revive backlist titles with a young, mobile readership, and pre-release upcoming books to build advanced buzz—the opportunities are endless!
Built to be both user and author-friendly, Radish strives to present the newest and brightest in entertaining, diverse serial fiction to readers while providing authors with innovative ways to build readerships and monetize their work.
Jan Rosenberg
Please send a resume and a 3 page prose writing sample (in the romance genre) to Resumes and writing samples MUST be sent as PDF.
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