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Managing Editor
posted: Jan. 13, 2019
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The Author Incubator
50,000 - 60,000
Health; Dental; 401K; Bonus; Profit-sharing; Flexible hours; Flexible work location
Full Time
Washington, DC
You probably started editing because you enjoyed helping people turn their ideas into impactful words—but how much time do you spend doing that? And when you DO actually get to do that, do you find your feedback isn’t always met with appreciation?

Most editors say that all too often their clients question their expertise and pile on irrational request after irrational request, all while being treating them like they are barely human. Of course as the editor, you have to sit there and take it because “the customer is always right.”

What if you didn't have these problems? What if you actually could get paid to read? What if every single client was grateful for your advice, had perfect boundaries with you, respected your time and talent, and never tried to barter or bargain.

That is the role of Managing Editor for The Author Incubator.

As Managing Editor, you’ll work closely with 10-15 authors at a time. You’ll really get into their topic, become a mini-expert, and create substantial books – that are almost certain to hit the Amazon Bestseller lists.

The Managing Editor sees books through from idea to print, including but not limited to giving writing advice and direction, coaching and drama reduction as well as managing a team of editors and a budget to making sure each author gets what they need during the process.

This full-time position is responsible for guiding authors through The Author Incubator book-writing program, ebook publication, and then monitoring the print publication. The person in this role will take ownership of managing the book through the process, being one of the author's main points of contact, and coordinating with team members, freelancers, and service providers.

The managing editor is a unique, author-centric role at The Author Incubator, reporting to the editor-in-chief. We are looking for someone to handle the following responsibilities alongside our talented team; responsibilities may include:

• Hold healthy boundaries for authors around The Author Incubator's process and our goal of getting authors a published book that serves their business and their ideal reader
• Review the quality of writing during the manuscript-creation phase of the program and touch base with authors as needed
• Provide writing advice and coaching to authors, as needed, and thumbs-up/confidence that they should proceed, when warranted - all within the parameters of the program
• Random bullet point inserted to see if you are paying attention. Put the secret code number 71 in your application subject line, k? Thx.
• Coach authors to smoothly and efficiently move through the book creation process
• Proactively coordinate with the rest of the Customer Experience team to provide authors with the best experience possible
• Oversee KDP category and keywords choices for ebooks.
• Participate in a panel discussion and photoshoot with other editors – taking questions from and pictures with our authors
• Make sure the author's writing process is supported, and the quality of the books are the best they can be within the time allowed.

Salary & Benefits
Competitive Pay: 50K - 60k + up to 10% bonus for personal performance (bonus determined by an anonymous vote of your peers.)
MANDATORY 4 weeks of vacation
Real profit sharing – we split 10% of our annual profits among team members in addition to your salary and bonus.
401K with a 4% match
Health care and dental coverage (We cover 50%.)
Option to buy vision and life insurance at your cost
HAS/FSA/pre-tax metro cards/paid parking
Flexibility & Freedom: Have wi-fi, will travel. You can work from home, work while you travel, work in our office, make your own hours–we don’t care as long as the work gets done. You can wear a ball gown (like our CEO), yoga pants, or whatever you want to work

What we aren’t negotiable about are our principles. So here they are: (pay attention, there is a quiz)

Core Values
• A servant’s heart is required for success.
• Discomfort is necessary for growth.
• Results matter most.

Key Beliefs
• Magic is real.
• Love is the only strategy.
• The prize never chases.

The Author Incubator is a pretty magical place to work. But don’t listen to a job post, listen to our employee's anonymous reports on Glassdoor:

Here are a few of our favorites:
“I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work somewhere where the employees legitimately love their jobs. There are no arguments, no gossip, no backstabbing or corporate ladder climbing.”

“This place is beyond incredible. Convention is abhorred, and there's absolutely every effort to avoid the kind of stifling dehumanization you get at any other job.”

“One thing that sticks out is that this place in accepting of all diversity and is results-oriented! LOVE IT!”

I'm not gonna lie, we will likely get 200+ resumes for this role, and we just don't have time to interview all those candidates, so fair or not, we are going to cut almost everyone based on their application. If you don't follow these instructions - we won't even LOOK at your submission. The email gets deleted unread. So if you are going to bother to apply, don't fuck this up. We only want someone awesome in this role who thinks we are awesome too – awesome enough to put in real effort in their application.

1. To get us to open the email, you MUST put the secret code into the email subject line. If you don't have the secret code, please do not apply.

2. You can send a cover letter OR video - whatever is easier for you - but it must include answers to the following question:
• What non-fiction book has had the biggest impact in your life and what was the impact?
• Which book in our catalog ( do you most wish you edited and why?
• Which of our principals is scariest, most confusing, or hardest for you to wrap your head around?
• Why will you work harder than anyone else in this role should you get it?

3. Include your resume... sure... but know our primary focus will be on your cover letter or intro video. Resumes without detailed and specific, custom to us cover letters or videos will be thrown out.

About Our Location: 30th & M in Georgetown - Washington DC 20007 (Metro Accessible Foggy Bottom Metro Stop- 8 Blocks GWU and 8 blocks from Georgetown/Free Shuttle/Free Parking Provided). Sweet office with a rooftop terrace for fresh air and a view of the Potomac and M St.
About Our  
The Author Incubator is the premier continuing-education provider for non-fiction authors with classes coverings all aspects of writing, publishing, and promoting books. Our company was named the 275th fastest growing private company in America (INC 5000). We were named the 87th Best Privately-owned Businesses in America by Entrepreneur Magazine and our CEO was named by EY as a finalist in their Entrepreneur of the Year competition for 2018.

One thing you should know about us. Our organization believes in diversity and equity. You know those 112 women and 117 People of Color in Congress now? Yup, still not nearly enough for us. We put muscle behind our values when it comes to building an inclusive community for staff and clients. We believe EQUITY (not just inclusion) is what really is required to dismantle racism and patriarchy. We are an LGBTQIA-affirming, interfaith-oriented organization that is committed to social justice - including women's rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. We believe Black Lives Matter. We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and who have a demonstrated capacity for creating inclusive organizations and working effectively across differences to support the success of an increasingly diverse clientele. (In other words, we don't work with racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic jerks.)
Angela Lauria
1115 30th St NW
Washington DC 20008
We prefer candidates who can travel once a week at their expense to our office in Washington DC but working from home is fine as long as you are a short drive away.
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