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Editorial Associate
posted: July 12, 2018
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Well established literary agent
Flexible hours
Part Time
New York, NY
A well established literary agent seeks an Editorial Associate to work part time, with most of the work being remote. The Editorial Associate must have three years of experience in trade publishing, from either editorial or agency side, and be familiar, specifically, with the current literary, commercial, and YA markets. Very strong communication skills with authors mandatory.

The Editorial Associate position entails: some light administrative duties; reading queries; requesting and assessing manuscripts; assisting with pitch letters to editors; and working closely with both existing clients and new authors on their manuscripts. The Editorial Associate must have the ability to work on both broad conceptual edits and careful line-edits in order to ready manuscripts for submission to editors.

Please send resume, letter of intent, three strong references from the publishing world (editors, agents, and authors), and an editorial letter to an author (from previous or current work) for a work of literary, commercial, or YA fiction (names and titles may be redacted) to All applicant material is kept confidential.
Eliza Kirby
Please make sure to send in appropriate materials as requested. Incomplete applications will not receive responses.
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