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Senior Managing Editor
posted: June 29, 2018
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Washington DC Based Non-fiction Imprint
Health; Dental; 401K; Bonus; Profit-sharing; Stock options; Flexible hours
Full Time
Washington, DC
The Senior Managing Editor sees books through from idea to print, including but not limited to giving writing advice and direction, coaching and drama reduction as well as managing a team of editors and a budget to making sure each author gets what they need during the process.

This full-time position is responsible for guiding authors through company's book-writing program, ebook publication, and then monitoring the print publication. The person in this role will take ownership of managing the book through the process, being one of the author’s main points of contact, and coordinating with team members, freelancers, and service providers.

The senior managing editor is a unique, coaching-centered role, reporting to the program director.

We are looking for someone to handle the following responsibilities alongside our talented team; responsibilities may include:

• Ongoing training and oversight of the managing editors – including setting expectations, holding boundaries, making decisions, and interpreting company culture and program guidelines.

• Hold healthy boundaries for authors around company’s process and our goal of getting authors a published book that serves their business and their ideal reader

• Review the quality of writing during the manuscript-creation phase of the program and touch base with authors as needed

• Provide writing advice and coaching to authors, as needed, and thumbs-up/confidence that they should proceed, when warranted – all within the parameters of the program

• Coach authors to smoothly and efficiently move through the book creation process

• Proactively coordinate with the rest of the Customer Experience team to provide authors the best experience possible

• Coordinate contributions by proofreaders, freelancers and other service providers

• Oversee and maintain the editorial Style Guide.

• Approve titles/subtitles according to guidelines provided.

• Oversee KDP category and keywords choices for ebooks.

In order to thrive in this role, the incumbent must LOVE authors and books and will have editorial and coaching experience. They must have a demonstrated capacity to serve our increasingly diverse clientele, be extremely well-organized, work well in a self-motivating environment, have an exceptional attention to detail, be task-oriented, be calm and steady while carrying out procedures, and truly care about personal growth, self-help, and spiritual development.

This position is responsible for making sure the author’s writing process is supported and the quality of the books are the best they can be within the time allowed.

If you meet all of that criteria, HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO NEXT...

Reply with the following information:

(1) Tell us how you will fit in THIS job specifically. We know what's a fit for us and we want to know if this is a fit for YOU. We will NOT be calling you to clarify whether or not you're a fit. SELL US on why we would be lucky to have you on the team.

(2) Specifically share the (at least one) non-fiction book that has changed your life and what specific action you took because of that book.

(3) Tell us your EXACT income expectations (hourly or salary is fine though this is a full-time, W2 salaried job). In this job, it's important that you are VERY precise in your communications, and this is one way you will demonstrate your ability to be specific and to follow directions. Being vague in this area just sets up a concern that you're not going to be able to ask for what you really want later if you come on board. Our philosophy is if it's not a win-win for us both, then there's no deal.

(4) We're glad to see your resume, so please do attach it, but note that without an accompanying document (letter, rant, attachment, video, podcast, series of tweets) addressing the above information requests, your resume will not be reviewed.

IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR!!!! awesome are you?!

Congratulations - you're possibly a fit for this pretty cool, politics-free job in the Washington, DC, area working with famous authors and with a dedicated team.

Just reading a job posting this long is an accomplishment!

We love what we do and we're excited to meet the person who is going to help us manage some things going forward.

Please note: We are an LGBTQIA-affirming, interfaith-oriented organization that is committed to social justice - including women's rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. We believe Black Lives Matter. We encourage candidates to apply who share these commitments and who have a demonstrated capacity for creating inclusive organizations and working effectively across differences to support the success of an increasingly diverse clientele.
About Our  
$10M Publishing and Coaching services company based in Washington DC
5-year old, fast-growing, extremely profitable.
#285 Fastest Growing Private Company in America - INC 5000
#260 Best Privately-owned Businesses in America - Entrepreneur 360
100% privately-owned (single owner) with 22 employees.

To give a sense of the company culture, below are the owner’s decision guidelines for the team:
1. Be the Steward of your Domain.
2. Default to action.
3. Revenue First
4. Demand Drives Decision-Making
5. We’re Simple & Scrappy
6. Fail Fast
7. Think 80/20
8. Get Real-World Feedback As Soon As Possible
9. Mistakes are normal when you move at the speed we move. Rule number one is own up to it 100%.
10. Don’t Be Penny Wise Pound Foolish
11. The Point of Money is to Get a RETURN on INVESTMENT
12. We PIVOT
13. If It’s Not a Hell Yes, It’s a Hell No.
14. Assume There is a Brilliant Reason You Don’t Understand a choice I’ve Made
15. The Customer is Always WRONG
16. Integrity is Job 1
Angela Lauria
612 Rivercrest Dr
McLean VA 22101
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