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Senior Content Editor & Strategist  
  posted: Apr. 18, 2017
 Offered by: 
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Full Time
Center City, MN
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the world's leading organization singularly dedicated to combating addiction to alcohol and drugs with a full continuum of services.
Over the course of a year, we:
• Serve over 15,000 patients annually through treatment centers in Minnesota, California, Illinois, Oregon, New York, and Florida
• Educate over 600 professionals through our accredited Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, Professionals in Residence program and Summer Institute for Medical Students.
• Provide publishing books and materials for over 32,000 publishing customers
• Provide prevention services to over 50,000 students across the United States and the world
One of our key strategic objectives is people - our employees are essential in the process of propelling our organization forward to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. Are you ready to excel in these challenges and opportunities? Do you possess the qualities below? Join Our Team!
What are we looking for?
• Individuals with a Client, Customer, and/or Stakeholder Focus
• Results-oriented attitude
• Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork
• Courage and Commitment
• Adaptability and Learning Agility
What do we offer?
• Competitive Benefits (health, dental, vision, etc)
• Paid Time-Off
• Training Opportunities
• Retirement Savings Plan with Employer Match
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Free on-site gym (on our Center City campus, where this position is located)
Diverse individuals encouraged to apply.
Equal Opportunity Employer: Minorities, Women, Veterans, Disabilities

As the Senior Content Editor & Strategist you will have two main roles within Hazelden Publishing's consumer product development team:
1. Collaborating with the Director of Business to Consumer Content Management/Editorial Director to iterate and execute on the development of the strategic vision and Roadmap for the Consumer Market.
o Analyzing the Consumer market needs and opportunities across both the back- and frontlist.
o Determining and prioritizing core audience targets and their needs.
o Matching, refining, and integrating concepts central to Hazelden's mission.
o Ensuring that each product furthers the brand's dedication to a Twelve-Step and evidence-based approach, the “Continuum of Care” (Education, Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Recovery Management), or the idea that the prism of recovery provides a unique lens through which to understand personal growth.
2. Developing and managing individual products, series, and ancillary extensions through all editorial and quality-control processes, to ensure that they further the strategic goals for the Consumer market.
o Initiating, coordinating, and managing all stages of product & content development to result in products that will meet: established quality and revenue standards, budgetary and schedule requirements, as well as customer-specific usability needs.
o Managing assigned projects through all editorial processes: from strategy determination to pitch, project launch to packaging conceptualization, receipt of manuscript to transmission of content to production, and management of internal and external messaging to product advocacy.
o Overseeing both the in-house and freelance activities that contribute to a product's execution, quality, and strategic purpose. Onboarding and managing freelancers as they contribute toward the tactical execution of the strategic plan for products.
o Collaborating with internal and external subject matter experts, authors, freelancers, and influencers across stages of product development.
o Crafting materials that can be leveraged across traditional print formats in addition to platform-agnostic mediums.
o Serving as the primary lead and ambassador for individual products and series.
The key result areas for this role are:
Editorial Quality, Integrity Management, & Brand Stewardship. You will bring the following editorial skills and abilities to your daily execution:
o A love for words and how to craft them into powerful messages. You have taken an appreciation for language and developed a career built on a strong working familiarity with content development, writing, and editing (substantive and line-level). Preferably you have worked with content related to the realm of recovery, self-help, personal growth, and substance use.
o Mastery of what's necessary to make great content. You have a passion for development and copyediting, as well as a proven ability to correct and unify the tone, rhythm, grammar, punctuation, semantics, and style of written communication. Familiar with the accepted rules of style and grammar, you have a firm grasp on what's required in maintaining or clarifying both the tone and voice of the intended message. You also love working with art, design, and marketing teams to bring together a cohesive “look and feel” for a product.
o Demonstrable ability to work independently while also carrying a dedication to collaboration—under tight deadlines and ambiguous scenarios. You have partnered effectively with authors, other writers and editors, as well as representatives from the production, manufacturing, operations, marketing, sales, and finance departments involved in the publishing process. You know how to make freelancers feel like they are part of a larger team. As a result, you know that the best products result from working together as well as flexing individual critical-assessment skills.
o Commitment to a mission-driven environment where caring, empathy, and understanding drive everything. You understand or want to get to know people in the recovery space. You are driven to break the stigma of addiction, and make it approachable for people to live their best life.
Market & Product Level Analysis. You will bring the following analytic and explanatory skills to your daily execution:
o Proven track record of strategic planning and tactical know-how. You have helped determine or influence unifying strategies, and always have one eye on the long-term goals while you juggle the short-term tactics that will produce results. You know that what differentiates great content from good content is that a common thread must be ever-present for the reader, and what creates a discernible publishing program and brand is that your audience can easily find the common themes that bind your cultural identity. You know how to turn strategy into storytelling, and storytelling into strategy.
o History of digging into the past and forecasting into the future to inform innovation and change. You know what makes content discoverable, comfortable, unique, approachable, and groundbreaking all at the same time—because you've become familiar with products and techniques that exemplify such an approach. Your finger is on the pulse. You know that if a piece of content tries to speak to everyone, it will often speak to no one; at the same time, you prioritize understanding what the user's experience is with your content.
Content Development & Editorial Operations Management. You will bring the following organizational skills and mindset to your daily execution:
o Inclination toward “mise en place” organizational skills. You have the ability and desire to organize, prioritize, and complete work-related activities to maximize the total time available in which to produce material, as well as the ability to handle a number of priorities simultaneously and adapt quickly to changing priorities. You have previously influenced, established, rolled out, adapted, and fine-tuned processes across environments where they have not previously existed.
o Second-nature approach toward developing and working within budgets. You have deep experience developing and analyzing profit and loss statements related to content development and revisions, and then managing budgets during your work processes.
o Well-established comfort level working with computers and software. You have spent years working with PCs, and consider your Microsoft Word and Excel skills above average; you've also spent some time working in software-as-a-service tools.
Product Representation & Ambassadorship. You will bring the following stewardship abilities to your daily execution:
o Well-developed “soft” skills. Your astute editorial eye might come from a preference for books rather than a lot of social interaction, but your communication skills (written and verbal) are second to none, and you pride yourself on the ability to effectively and critically listen (even between the lines). You are known for your adaptability, ever-on problem-solving abilities, critical analysis in the murkiest of situations, strategic prioritization even at crunch-time, and manner for resolving (or preventing) conflicts. You are always ready to demonstrate what you mean, and not just say it, because you are a true ambassador and advocate for your content.
o Determination to represent your products. You know that the sales funnel is no longer a straight line. Consumers and advocates look for and find products in very different ways, and you are always ready to represent your carefully crafted products.
Please note this job is based in Center City, MN, and is not eligible for daily telecommuting.

Required skills:
• High school education and bachelor's degree in English, journalism, or the social/behavioral sciences
• 6-8 years of product development experience including substantive editorial experience
• 6-8 years of experience assigning, monitoring, and evaluating the work of writers and other editors
Preferred skills:
• Master's degree
• Knowledge of 12-Step programs and issues relating to recovery

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Job #  18235
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