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Publishers Lunch Job Board listings are displayed for up to 30 days. (You are able to take the posting down sooner if you wish; you may also buy a second listing later on and re-post the same job.)

Driven by the daily audience of over 40,000 Publishers Lunch readers our listings reach what is by far the largest audience of book publishing professionals, at an affordable and more than competitive price.

Single listings are $395 each. Discounts are offered when you purchase multiple listings. Listings can be purchased by credit card or by invoice/check.

Current Pricing
1 listing: $395.00
2 listings: $760.00
3 listings: $1,125.00
5 listings: $1,850.00
10 listings: $3,650.00
(Rates shown are for credit-card purchases. There is a $25.00 surcharge on purchases made by invoice/check.)

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