Help: RSS Feeds (Syndication)

What is an "RSS Feed"?

RSS stands for "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication," depending on the version. An RSS feed is simply a summary of recently posted content, formatted in such a way that it can be read by programs that automatically collect and display postings from blogs, news sites, and other content providers. For a basic overview of RSS syndication, visit Lifewire.

Depending on which program ("aggregator") you use to subscribe to ("syndicate") RSS feeds, there are various different ways to add a Marketplace feed. Some Web browsers will detect when you're viewing a feed and allow you to bookmark it. But for better viewing and management, you'll probably want to use a dedicated RSS app or plug-in. These articles list the more popular current apps:

Once you have a way to view RSS feeds, you just need to paste in the address of the feed you wish to follow. The feed addresss for the page you were viewing — Nonfiction Authors Association Blog — is:

In addition, Publishers Marketplace offers a number of general feeds for our most active sections.

Public feeds

Job Board RSS 1.0 Feed Publishers Lunch Job Board :
Rights Board RSS 1.0 Feed Publishers Marketplace Rights Board :
Feeds for Marketplace members *
Publishers Lunch News Feed Publishers Lunch News :
Deals RSS 1.0 Feed Publishers Marketplace Deals :
* Anyone may subscribe for headlines and snippets, but you must log in to Publishers Marketplace to follow links.
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