Content Blocking
In order to protect your data and ours, we employ verification tests whenever someone submits sensitive information to
You might notice one such test in action (Google's ReCAPTCHA) if you see this floating icon at the bottom right corner of a form page:
If you are attempting to register for a Publishers Marketplace account, or subscribe to a Lunch newsletter, and you don’t see that image, your submission will likely fail.
In order for all this to work, we need you to allow scripts to run on these three domains: (also Google)
Even if scripts in general are allowed by your browser, there are many extensions and network applications that might block particular actions. Ad blockers, for example, don't just block images; they sometimes also indiscriminately filter out code.
Here is a partial list of some browser extensions that might interfere with form submissions and should be at least temporarily disabled:
Adblock Plus
uBlock Origin
No-Script Suite
In addition, most VPN apps also offer content filtering options.
For more information on your browser's built-in content blocking, please refer to one of these pages:
Safari (desktop)*:;
Safari (mobile):
* Quick tip for desktop Safari users: Make sure that Safari's per-site content filtering is off for Publishers Marketplace. Select "Settings for This Website..." from the Safari menu, and uncheck "Enable content filters for this site."
Safari menu
Safari settings (before)
Safari settings (after)
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