Deal Reporting Tips & Policies
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  • Please do not put the entire deal, with all of the selling details, in the Description field. Use that field for the description only; otherwise there will be repetition in the report that reaches us.
  • For film and TV deals, start by filling out Author, Title and Description only. The film agent/agency can go in the Agent/Agency fields; the primary book agent/agency can go in the Selling on behalf of field.
  • For sales to publishers in the UK and Canada, please select International Rights as Main category (rather than fiction/nonfiction/children's). This applies regardless of the territory sold, since we report according to where the publisher is based. A UK or Canadian publisher buying world rights is still reported as a UK or Canada deal.
  • Please use the main form for deals with publishers in the US, UK, and Canada only. All other deals should be reported through the dedicated Translation Rights form, even English-language deals in countries such as India and South Africa.
  • We will run a maximum of five deals from any one reporting entity in a day. Please do not send us any more than five deals at a time.
  • Use the local/sub-agent and local/sub-agency fields for the person who actually transacted the deal. Anyone – and everyone – else, should be listed in the Selling on behalf of field.
  • You can report up to 6 territory sales in a single form submission. For additional sales to the same book, use the Notes section (if it's just one or two more territories) or submit a second form.
  • Please do not purposely "trickle" multiple sales for the same book day after day after day. We will consolidate them on our end, so it is easiest for everyone, and most considerate to us and to readers, to report contemporaneous licenses all together.
  • For agents, your Dealmakers page will show your primary transactions only. So if you are based in the US, UK or Canada, the page will show book deals in those territories only. Sub-rights sales, including film, TV, audio and translation deals, will not appear on your Dealmakers page.
  • We have never asked for or required "exclusives" even though the bulk of reported deals appear only on our platform, since we invented this entire ecosystem for publicizing and tracking deals and dealmakers. But we do require the basic courtesy of equal footing on behalf of our readers. At a minimum, please report your deal to us at the same time you share it with anyone else in the trade. Otherwise, the deal will be backdated in our archives, but not run live on the site or included in any of our emails.
  • "Bestseller" status has become so widely used as to lose its function of establishing a special, data-driven distinction. (Also, community norms about not counting "extended" and specialized/periodic lists have broken down.) We have become much more modest in denoting bestsellerdom in deal reports; at a minimum, we require at least two weeks on a printed, weekly list in order to be noted in the deal.
    "Bestseller" status will no longer be repeated in sub-rights deals (audio; translation).
  • For prize notations, we restrict ourselves to a relatively small set of well-known prizes, again to preserve this as a meaningful distinction. (When most authors are award winners, being an award winner loses its value.)
  • For both "bestseller" and "award winner" identifications, we require the specific details — the title and the bestseller list, or the particular award and the title.
  • We generally omit any middle initial from an author's name, unless it is necessary to distinguish the author from others with the same name. (Middle initials tend to break databases and searches.) The same is true for accents, which render as garbage characters unless you enter them in HTML in your report.
  • Book descriptions for fiction titles should omit character names whenever possible, unless it is to distinguish various series from the same author (e.g., "the next Amos Decker thriller") or to mark the return of a famous character. We will remove character names in all other circumstances, and you risk a slightly garbled report if we have to do so.
  • Use the imprint name only rather than the corporate name (e.g., there is no imprint named Penguin Random House). Please do not append the corporate parent name "just in case," or use slashes (/) to indicate an imprint and its parent — we really just want the imprint name only. Imprints are supposed to matter to the trade, so we take that seriously — but also, Dealmakers includes elaborate "relationship trees" that connect every imprint to its division and other parent entities.
    We generally don't use words like "publishing house" "company" or "books" unless it's to distinguish imprints in multiple countries with the same name. That means we also generally do not use such names in ANY language. Likewise, for agencies please don't use corporate endings such as Inc. or LLC. If in doubt check Dealmakers to see how we list an imprint or agency.
  • Our posts are informational. We are engaged in a constant battle with your adjectives and subjective descriptions! Fewer words and modifiers tell a clearer and more powerful story, and we will always remove your evocative, deeply felt, elegantly told, unputdownable, page-turning descriptors.
    Please use the logline to tell us what the book itself is about. A "story of love, mystery, and dark conspiracy" doesn't really say anything.
  • A deal notice should be the first report of record for a title, and generally deals should be reported as close to the initial agreement/sale as possible. We work hard to preserve a distinction between "deals" and publication announcements, and generally will not report as a deal a book that is due for publication within the next 3 months. Similarly, if your book has been listed on consumer bookselling sites or otherwise publicized to consumers, it's likely too late to be reported as a "deal."
  • We work hard to post deals as quickly as possible, but you should expect it to take 24 hours, so please don't check in with us about any "missing" posts until a reasonable amount of time has passed. If you are submitting after the close of regular East coast business hours, your deal might not be posted until the following evening. During busy times, international and rights deals will be saved for posting after everything else is clear.
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