Publishers Marketplace
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NPD Publishers Marketplace BookScan: Stores Reporting
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Retail & Club
Barbara's Bookstores
Barnes & Noble
Bodhi Tree
Deseret Book Company
Family Christian (though Week 09 2017)
Follett Stores
Hastings (through Week 42 2016)
Hudson Group
Independents (see list below)
MicahTek, Inc.
Premiere Collectibles
Sam's Club
Seagull Books
Transworld (300 FYE stores)
Mass Merchandisers & Other
AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service)
Babies "R" Us
The Container Store
Home Shopping Network
Stop & Shop
Toys "R" Us
Independent Stores Reporting (Partially Weighted)
2nd Edition (MD)
A & D Bookstore And Supply South* (TX)
A Book For All Seasons (WA)
A Cappella Books, Inc. (GA)
A Great Good Place for Books (CA)
A Room of One's Own (WI)
Aaron's Books (PA)
Abba House LLC* (IN)
Abbey Christian Store, The* (NE)
Abundant Living Family Church* (CA)
Adventist Book Center* (MI)
Alabama Booksmith (AL)
Alexander Book Company (CA)
Alpha & Omega Parable Christian Store (2)* (NY)
Anderson's Bookshop (IL)
Anderson's Bookshop (NY)
Andover Bookstore (MA)
Annie Bloom's Books (OR)
Apple Blossom Books (WI)
Arcadia Books (WI)
Archivia Books (NY)
Arrowhead Parable Christian Store* (NY)
Asia Store (NY)
Astoria Bookshop (NY)
ASUN Bookstore (NV)
Atticus Bookstore/Café (CT)
Avid Bookshop (GA)
B&B Booksellers (CA)
B&L Books (FL)
Babbling Book, The (AK)
Back of Beyond Books (UT)
Baker Book House* (MI)
Bank Square Books (CT)
Bank Street Books (NY)
Banner Books Parable Christian Store of St Joseph* (MI)
Baptist Bible And Book House* (MS)
Bards Alley (VA)
Barn Owl Books and Gifts (ID)
Barrett Bookstore (CT)
Barrington Books (RI)
Barstons Child's Play (DC)
Bartleby's Books (VA)
Battenkill Books (NY)
Bayou Book Co. (FL)
BayShore Books LLC (WI)
Beach Books (OR)
Beagle Books, Inc. (MN)
Bear Pond Books (VT)
Beaverdale Books (IA)
Bell’s Book Nest (TX)
Bellevue Christian Bookstore* (TN)
Belong Christian Booksellers (OH)
Bender's Christian Store* (NY)
Benedict Center Books & Gifts* (NE)
Benedictus Bookstore* (KY)
Bennington Bookshop, The (VT)
Best of Books (OK)
Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co. (MI)
Bethel Store, The (CA)
Between the Covers (CO)
Between the Covers (MI)
Bible Book Shop* (NE)
Bible Gift Shop* (VA)
Bible House* (AR)
Bibles Plus* (NM)
Big Blue Marble Bookstore (PA)
Billy Graham Library Bookstore* (NC)
Bird in Hand (MD)
Blessings Christian Bookstore* (VA)
Blessings of St. Joseph* (MO)
Bloomsbury Books (OR)
Blue Manatee Children's BookShop (OH)
Blue Marble, The (KY)
Blue Phoenix Books (MI)
Blue Ridge Osondu (NC)
Blue Willow Bookshop (TX)
Bluestocking Books (CA)
Bob's Beach Books (OR)
Body Mind and Soul (TX)
Book Bin, The (VA)
Book Catapult (CA)
Book Cellar, The (FL)
Book Cellar, The (IL)
Book Culture (3) (NY)
Book Ends (MA)
Book House of Stuyvesant (NY)
Book Nook and Java Shop, The (MI)
Book Nook, The (VT)
Book Passage (2) (CA)
Book People (IA)
Book People (TX)
Book People of Moscow (ID)
Book Rack, The (MA)
Book Review, The (ME)
Book Revue (NY)
Book Shoppe, The (IA)
Book Soup (CA)
Book Stall at Chestnut Ct, The (IL)
Book Store #1, The* (KY)
Book Table, The (IL)
Book Tavern, The (GA)
Book Train (CO)
Book Vault (IA)
Book Vine, The (IA)
Bookbinders Basalt (CO)
Bookbug (MI)
Bookends & Beginnings (IL)
Bookends on Main (MN)
Bookery Parable Christian Store, The* (OH)
BookLoft, The (MA)
Bookman, The (MI)
Bookmark, The* (GA)
BookPal (CA)
BookPeople (TX)
Bookpeople Of Moscow (ID)
Books & Beyond (CA)
Books & Company (WI)
Books and Books (3) (FL)
Books and Mortar (MI)
Books Are Magic (NY)
Books Etcetra (NM)
Books for Less (GA)
Books Inc.(8) (CA)
Books N More (OH)
Books N' Things (ME)
Books Never Ending (GA)
Books on Broad (SC)
Books on First (IL)
Books on the Common (CT)
Books With a Past (MD)
Bookshop Benicia (CA)
Bookshop by the Lakes (NC)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (CA)
BookSmart (CA)
Booksmith, The (CA)
Bookstacks (ME)
Bookstore 1 Sarasota (FL)
Bookstore at Lake Pointe* (TX)
Bookstore in the Grove, The (FL)
BookStore Plus, The (NY)
Bookstore, The (IL)
Bookstore, The (MA)
Bookworks (NM)
Bookworm of Edwards, The (CO)
Bookworm, The (NE)
Boswell Book Company (WI)
Boulder Book Store (CO)
Brace Books and More (OK)
Brazos Bookstore, Inc. (TX)
Brewster Bookstore (MA)
Brick & Mortar (WA)
Bright Side Bookshop (AZ)
Brilliant Books (MI)
Broadside Bookshop (MA)
Broadway Books (OR)
Brookline Booksmith (MA)
Brookwood Community Chr. Bookstore* (SC)
Brown Street Books (WI)
Buckskin Booksellers (CO)
Bull Moose (11) (ME)
Bunch of Grapes (MA)
Burlingham Books (NY)
Burry Bookstore (SC)
Buttonwood Books and Toys (MA)
Byrd's Books (CT)
Cabot Street Books & Cards (MA)
Calvary Bookstore Phoenix* (AZ)
Calvary Chapel - Oceanside* (CA)
Calvary Chapel of Redlands* (CA)
Calvary Chapel Westgrove* (CA)
Capitol Book and News (AL)
Carmichael's Bookstore (2) (KY)
Carpenter's Shop, The* (NC)
Cedar Springs Christian Stores, Inc.* (TN)
Celebration Church* (LA)
Cellar Door Books (CA)
Changing Hands Bookstore (AZ)
Chapel Store - Rockland* (MA)
Chapel Store, The* (CA)
Chapter One Book Store (MT)
Chapter2Books (WI)
Chaucer's Books (CA)
Cherry Books (LA)
Cherry Street Books (MN)
Cheshire Bookshop (CA)
Children's Bookshop (WA)
Chop Suey Books (VA)
Christ Centered Life Store* (FL)
Christian Book & Gift Shop* (TN)
Christian Book Center* (LA)
Christian Bookshelf - A Parable Christian Store* (ND)
Christian Words & Works* (TX)
Christos Bookcenter* (MN)
City Lights Bookstore (NC)
City of Asylum Books (PA)
City Stacks Books and Coffee (CO)
Classic Bookshop (FL)
Clinton Book Shop (NJ)
Coffee Tree Books (KY)
Community Bible Church* (TX)
Compass Books & Café (2) (CA)
Compass Rose BookStore (MA)
Concord BookShop (MA)
Content (MN)
Copperfield's Books (6) (CA)
Copperfish Books (FL)
Cornerstone Books (MA)
Cottage Bookshop, The (MI)
Cottonwood Church #1* (CA)
Country Bookseller, The (NH)
Country Bookshelf (MT)
Country Bookshop, The (NC)
Covenant Books & Gifts* (OH)
Covenant Books, Gifts & Music* (CA)
Cover to Cover (OH)
Cross Reference Bookstore* (CA)
Cross Way Christian Supply Inc. (2)* (SC)
Crossroads Bookstore* (LA)
Crossroads Christian Bookstore* (TN)
Crown Bookshop* (TN)
CRYSTAL Books & Gifts (CO)
Crystal Garden (FL)
Curious Iguana (MD)
Curious Reader, The (NJ)
Dalton's Christian Bookstore* (NC)
Day Star Christian Bookstore* (TX)
Dayspring Christian* (OH)
DDG Booksellers (ME)
Dee Gee's Gifts & Books (NC)
Destinations Booksellers (IN)
Destiny Bookstore* (TX)
Diesel Books (2) (CA)
Dimple Records (8) (CA)
Divine Truth* (NE)
Dove Christian Supply (2)* (AL)
Drury Lane Books (MN)
E. Shaver, Bookseller (GA)
Eagle Eye Books (GA)
Eagle Harbor Book Company (WA)
East Bay Booksellers (CA)
East City Bookshop (DC)
East End Books (MA)
East West Bookshop Of Seattle (WA)
Ebenezer Books (VT)
Edgewater Books (MD)
Edmonds Bookshop (WA)
Eight Cousins, Inc (MA)
Elliott Bay Book Company, The (WA)
Elm Street Books (CT)
Emmanuel Bookstore* (VA)
Enchanted Passage (MA)
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, The (MA)
Eureka Books (CA)
Evangel Christian Stores (2)* (OR)
Explore Booksellers (CO)
Face in a Book (CA)
Fact and Fiction (MT)
Fairy Godmother (DC)
Faith Life Bookstore* (NJ)
Farley's (PA)
Fiction Addiction (SC)
Fiction Addiction (SC)
Fine Print Booksellers (ME)
Fireside Books (AK)
Firestorm Books & Coffee (NC)
First Baptist Of Glenarden (2)* (MD)
Fleur Fine Books (TX)
Flintridge Bookstore & Coffee House (CA)
Flying Pig Bookstore (VT)
Flyleaf Books (NC)
Focus on the Family Bookstore* (CO)
Forever Books (MI)
Fountain Bookstore, The (VA)
Four Seasons Books (WV)
Four-Eyed Frog (CA)
Fox Tale Book Shoppe (GA)
Francine and Finch Bookshop (NE)
Freed-Hardeman University* (TN)
Front Street Books #1 (TX)
G.J Ford Bookshop (GA)
Galaxy Bookshop (VT)
Galilean, The* (LA)
Garcia Street Books (NM)
Garden District Bookshop (LA)
Gateway Bookstores (6)* (TX)
Gibson's Bookstore (NH)
Gifts of Joy Parable Christian Store* (OH)
Givens Books (VA)
Golden Notebook, The (NY)
Golden Springs Christian Bookstore* (CA)
Good News Christian Books & Music* (WA)
Good News Shoppe, The* (KY)
Good News!* (TX)
Gospel Book Store* (LA)
Gospel Music & Christian Bookstore* (NC)
Gospel Supplies* (AZ)
Gosselinks..A Parable Christian Store* (IA)
Grace Family Bookstore* (OH)
Grandpa's Barn (WI)
Grass Roots Books and Music (OR)
Greatest Gift & Scripture Supply, The* (CO)
Green Acres Bookstore* (TX)
Green Apple Books (CA)
Green Toad Bookstore (NY)
Greenlight Bookstore (2) (NY)
Greenlight Bookstore (at BAM) (NY)
Griffin Bay Bookstore (WA)
Guiding Light Christian Bookstore* (AL)
Guiding Light Christian Bookstore* (MO)
Gullion's Christian Supply Ctr #1* (NC)
Hackmans Bible Book Store* (PA)
Halo And Wings* (MO)
Harborwalk Books (SC)
Harvard Book Store (MA)
Harvest Bookstore* (NJ)
Head House Books (PA)
Hearthfire Books of Evergreen (CO)
Heartland Community Church Bookstore* (KS)
Heaven Sent* (NV)
Hello Hello Books (ME)
Henry Bears Park #5 (MA)
Henry Bears Park #6 (MA)
Hicklebee's (CA)
Hickory Stick Bookshop (CT)
Hill's Music Shoppe, Inc.* (NC)
Hills & Hamlets Bookstore (GA)
Hiram Books (GA)
His Word..A Parable Christian Store (2)* (NV)
Holy Fire Christian Bookstore* (NM)
Hooray For Books (VA)
Horizon Books (2) (MI)
Hub City Bookshop (SC)
Iconoclast Books (ID)
Immanuel Christian Bookstore* (VA)
Indigo Books (WA)
Indigo Bridge Books (NE)
Inklings Bookshop (WA)
Inkwood Books (FL)
Inkwood Books (NJ)
Innisfree Bookshop (NH)
Inspiration House* (FL)
Inspirations Christian Bookstore* (MN)
Island Books (RI)
Island Bookstore (3) (NC)
Island Bookstore (MI)
Island BookStore (RI)
Island Bookstore, The (3) (NC)
Ivy Bookshop, The (MD)
J.O.Y. Bookstore* (PA)
Jabberwocky Books (MA)
Jerrol's Book & Supply Co. (WA)
Jesus Book and Gift Store (2)* (NJ)
JFIT Books* (FL)
Joseph Beth Booksellers (4) (PA)
Joseph Fox Bookshop (PA)
Journey Books & Music* (IL)
Joy Christian Bookstore (2)* (IN)
Joy Hope Foundation* (WA)
Just Books Too (CT)
Kenyon College Bookstore (OH)
Kepler's Books & Magazine (CA)
King City Books (IL)
King's English, The (UT)
Kona Stories (HI)
Kramerbooks (DC)
Kregel Parable Christian Stores* (MI)
Labyrinth Books (NJ)
Laguna Beach Books (CA)
Lahaska Bookstore (PA)
Lake Forest BookStore (IL)
Lawson's Christian Supplies* (ON)
Learned Owl (OH)
Left Bank Books (MO)
Lemstone Christian Store* (NC)
Letterpress Books (ME)
Liberty Bay Books (WA)
Library Shop, The (CA)
Lift Bridge Kids (NY)
Lighthouse Christian Bookstore* (GA)
Lighthouse Christian Bookstore* (IN)
Lighthouse Christian Bookstore* (OH)
Lighthouse, The* (CO)
Lincoln’s Loft (KY)
Linden Tree Books (CA)
Litch Field Books (SC)
Literary Book Post (NC)
Little Bookworms (FL)
Little City Books (NJ)
Little Professor Book Center (AL)
Little Professor Book Center (MI)
Little Professor Book Center (NC)
Little Professor Book Center (SD)
Living Room Bookstore LLC* (TX)
Living Water Bookstore* (TX)
Living Word Christian Center* (MN)
Living Word Parable Christian Store* (NY)
Living Word, The* (KY)
Logos Books & Records (CA)
Logos Bookstore of Hawaii* (HI)
Longfellow Books (ME)
Lowry's Books (MI)
Mac's Backs (OH)
Macdonald Bookshop (CO)
Madstone Café & Catching Light Books (NC)
Magers & Quinn (MN)
Magic City Books (OK)
Magic Tree Bookshop (IL)
Magnolia's Bookstore (WA)
Main Point Books (PA)
Main Street Books (MS)
Main Street Books (ND)
Main Street Books (OH)
Majesty Bible & Gifts (2)* (CA)
Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe (NC)
Maranatha Bookstore* (CA)
Margaret Mitchell House/Lit Ctr., The (GA)
Maria's Bookshop (CO)
Mariners Church Bookstore* (CA)
Market Block Books (NY)
Mars Hill Bookstore* (AL)
Master's Mercantile, The* (PA)
Mathom House Books (CA)
McCall Drug/Blue Grouse Books (ID)
McIntyres (NC)
McLean & Eakin Booksellers (MI)
McNally Jackson Booksellers (NY)
Mendocino Book CO (CA)
Merritt Books (2) (NY)
Messenger International* (CO)
Micawber's (MN)
Midtown Reader (FL)
Milkweed Books (MN)
Mitchell's Book Corner (MA)
Moby Dickens (NM)
Monkey See Monkey Do/td> (NY)
Montana Book Company (MT)
Moon Palace Books (MN)
Moonlight Books (CO)
Morgan Hill Bookstore (NH)
Mostly Books (AZ)
Mount Hermon Bookstore* (CA)
Mrs. Dalloway's Lit and Garden Art (CA)
Mudsock Books & Curiousity Shoppe (IN)
Murder By The Book (TX)
Mustard Seed Bookstore, The (ME)
Mustard Seed Christian Bookstore* (OH)
My Time Christian Bookstore, LLC* (AL)
Mysteries on Main Street (NY)
Mysterious Galaxy Books(2) (CA)
Mystery to Me (WI)
Namaste Annex (NY)
Nantucket Book Partners (MA)
Nantucket Bookworks (MA)
Narrow Guage Newsstand (CO)
Neighborhood Reads (MO)
New Copperfield's Book Service (IL)
New Covenant Christian Bookstore, The* (TN)
New England Mobile Book Fair, Inc. (MA)
New Life Bookstore* (FL)
New Life Bookstore* (NE)
New Life Christian Bookstore* (PA)
New Life Christian Supply* (MS)
Newtown Bookshop (PA)
Next Page, The (CO)
Nicola's (MI)
Nightbird Books (AR)
Ninth Street Book Shop (DE)
North Wind Books (MI)
Northland Church* (FL)
Northshire (VT)
Northtown Books (CA)
Northwind Book & Fiber (WI)
Norwich Bookstore Inc. (VT)
Novel Places (DC)
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship* (TX)
Oblong Books and Music (2) (NY)
Octavia Books, LLC (LA)
Odyssey Bookshop (MA)
Off The Beaten Path (CO)
Old Curiosity Book Shop, The (TN)
Old Firehouse Books (CO)
Old Harbor Books (AK)
Once Upon A Time (CA)
One More Page Books (VA)
Open Book, An (MN)
Open Door Bookstore (NY)
Open Door, The* (IN)
Orca Books (WA)
Oregon Books & Games (OR)
Orinda Books (CA)
Ottos - A Booklover's Paradise (PA)
Our Brother's Keeper Bookstore* (WY)
Owl Books & Brew (MN)
Page and Palette (AL)
Page One Bookstore (NM)
pages: a bookstore (CA)
Pageturners Bookstore (IA)
Parable Bible Bookstore* (NH)
Parable Christian Store, The* (CA)
Parables* (NE)
Paragraphs Bookstore (OH)
Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard (TX)
Park Road Books (NC)
Parnassus Books (TN)
Partners Village Store (MA)
Partners Village Store (MA)
Paschal Lamb* (VA)
Passion Resources* (GA)
Paulina Springs Booksp (OR)
Pegasus Books (CA)
Pegasus Downtown (CA)
PenDragon (CA)
Penguin Bookshop (PA)
Perfecting Books And Tapes* (MI)
Phoenix Books (VT)
Place Of Grace* (OK)
Plains Trading Co., The (NE)
Point Reyes Books (CA)
Polaris One Books (CA)
Politics and Prose (3) (DC)
Pomegranate Books (NC)
Pooh's Corner (MI)
Port Book & News (WA)
Porter Square Books, Inc. (NH)
Posman Books @ Chelsea Market (NY)
Posman Books @ Rockefeller Center (NY)
Powell's (6) (OR)
Prairie Lights (IA)
Prairie Pages Bookseller (SD)
Prestonwood Bookstore* (TX)
Prince Books (VA)
Probascos* (CO)
Quail Ridge Books (NC)
Queen Anne Avenue Books (WA)
R.J. Julia Booksellers (CT)
Rainbow Parable Christian Store* (VA)
Rainbow Shop...A Parable Christian Store* (ND)
Rainy Day Books Inc. (KS)
Rakestraw Books (CA)
Raven Books (KS)
Ravenna Third Place Books (WA)
Rayann's Christian Bookstore* (GA)
Reach Out Books* (WI)
Read Between The Lynes (IL)
Readers Café, The (PA)
Readers Loft, The (WI)
Reading Bug, The (CA)
Rebel Heart Books (OR)
Red Balloon Bookshop (MN)
Red Letter Books & Café* (ID)
Red Lodge Books (MT)
Redeemed Music & Books (MO)
Rediscovered Bookshop (ID)
Reger's Church Supplies* (OH)
Regulator BookShop (NC)
River Lights 2nd Edition (IA)
River's End Bookstore, The (NY)
Riverrun Bookstore (NH)
Riverstone Books (PA)
Riverwalk Books Limited (WA)
Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel* (CO)
Roosters Marketplace* (WY)
Round Lake Books (MI)
Russo's Books (CA)
S & J Gospel Shop* (NC)
Sacred Melody* (NY)
Salem Book Bin East (OR)
Salt & Light* (FL)
Sam Weller's Zion BookStore (UT)
Sanibel Island Bookstore (FL)
Saturn Booksellers (MI)
Schuler Books & Music (4) (MI)
Scrawl Books (VA)
Scripture Stall, The* (TX)
Scroll Christian Bookstore, The* (TX)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop (WA)
Second Star to the Right (CO)
Secret Garden Bookshop (WA)
Selah Christian Store* (CA)
Shepherd's Fold Books* (SC)
Sherman's BookStore (4) (ME)
Shield of Faith* (KY)
Signs of Life (KS)
Skylight Books (CA)
Small World Books (CA)
Solid Rock, The* (AR)
Solid Rock, The* (NE)
Sonlight Books..A Parable Christian Store* (WI)
Soundpeace (OR)
Sounds of Light* (MI)
Source at Gardens, The* (FL)
Source, The (2)* (GA)
Sower Bible Bookstore* (ID)
Sparta Books (NJ)
Spellbinder Books (CA)
Spellbound Children's Bookshop (NC)
Spirit of '76 Bookstore, The (MA)
Square Books (MS)
St. John's College Bookstore (MD)
Star Line Books (TN)
Staxbooks (MA)
Story on the Square (GA)
Storybook Cove (MA)
Strand Bookstore (NY)
SubText: A Bookstore (MN)
Summer's Stories (IN)
Sundial Books (VA)
Sundog Books (FL)
Sunrise Books (NC)
Sweet Spirit..A Parable Christian Store* (GA)
Tabby D's* (AL)
Talking Leaves…Books (2) (NY)
Tattered Cover (3) (CO)
Temple Bookstore And Café* (MS)
Thinker Toys Inc. (CA)
Third Place Books (WA)
Third Street Books (OR)
Three Arts, The (NY)
Three Sisters Books and Gifts, LLC (IN)
Titcomb's Bookshop (MA)
Toadstool Bookshop, The (MA)
Toadstool Bookshop, The (NH)
Town Bookstore of Westfield, The (NJ)
Town House Books and Café (IL)
Towne Book Center & Café (PA)
Towne Center Books (CA)
Townie Books (CO)
Traveler, The (CO)
Trident Booksellers (MA)
Trinity House* (KS)
Turn of the Corkscrew Books & Wine (NY)
Turtle Town Books & Gifts (MN)
Twig Book Shop, The (TX)
Two Sisters Bookery (NC)
UCLA Bookzone (CA)
Uconn Co-op (CT)
UCSD Bookstore (CA)
Ukazoo Books (MD)
Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore (MN)
Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore (MN)
Union Ave Books (TN)
University Bookstore - SeattleWA (6) (WA)
Valley BookSeller, The (MN)
Valley Bookstore, Inc., The (WY)
Vanderfords Books (ID)
VCC Bookstore West* (OK)
Vermont Book Shop (VT)
Viewpoint Books (IN)
Village Books (WA)
Village Bookstore (MN)
Village Bookstore (NY)
Village Lights Bookstore (IN)
Village Square Booksellers (VT)
Vine Bookstore* (IN)
Vineyard Bookstore* (OH)
Vineyard, The* (IN)
Vintage Books (WA)
Viva Life Christian Book Shop* (TX)
Volumes Bookcafe (IL)
Voracious Reader, The (NY)
Vroman's Bookstore (3) (CA)
Walk Worthy Books And Music* (AZ)
Warwick's (CA)
Watchung Booksellers (NJ)
Water Street Bookstore (NH)
Watermark Book Co. (WA)
Watermark Books (KS)
Watermark Christian Store (2)* (FL)
Waucoma Bookstore (OR)
Way to Emmaus, The* (PA)
WC Trading Co (TN)
Well Read (NY)
Well-Read Moose, The (ID)
Weller Book Works (UT)
Wellesley Booksmith (MA)
Wellington Square Bookshop (PA)
Westwinds Bookshop (MA)
WFC Christian Books & Gifts* (VA)
White Birch Books (NH)
Whitelam Books (MA)
Whole Life Christian Bookstore* (GA)
Wild Rumpus (MN)
Winchester Book Gallery (VA)
Wind City Books (WY)
Winter River Books, LLC (OR)
Women and Children First (IL)
Wonderland Books (CT)
Woody's Newsstand (CO)
WORD (2) (NY)
Word of Life Christian Bookstore (2)* (CA)
Word Shoppe, The* (MI)
Words (NJ)
Words For Life* (VA)
Writer's Block, The (NV)
Zenith Bookstore (MN)
Zia Records (9) (AZ)
Zoe Bookstore* (VA)
* reporting via The Parable Group