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To sign-up for this service, please complete the fields below and we'll forward you payment information shortly thereafter. Circana Publishers Marketplace BookScan is offered as an annual subscription only, on a pre-paid basis. (Once you pay, it will usually take 3 to 5 business days to set up your credentials.)

Publishers Marketplace BookScan is available primarily for agents, scouts and authors and the service is governed by our posted Terms of Use.

You need a account to enroll, so if you do not currently have an account, please register for one before filling out the form below.

Each person at your agency who will use Publishers Marketplace BookScan must license an individual subscription. All usage will be monitored for security and compliance by Circana. A substantial discount is provided for multiple users at the same agency. The charges are:

  • $2,500 for a single annual subscription, and for the first user at an agency
  • $500 for each additional subscription at the same agency *
  • PubTrack Digital adds $600 per year for the first user and $300 for each additional user.
* You may add additional subscriptions at any time, but please bear in mind that the term of the license is dictated by when the first/primary user enrolls and is not pro-rated. So if you wish to sign up someone else at your agency a month from now, they will still pay $500, for 11 months of access. Each additional user must have his or her own account for access.
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To include additional users in your license (all of whom must already have Publishers Marketplace account), please provide a Name and E-mail address for each additional user.
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