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BookScan is the gold-standard data service that tracks actual retail sales of trade print books in the US on a weekly basis through direct reporting from all major retailers. (It includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Costco, Target, Walmart, Target, and many other general and specialty retailers selling books, plus over 800 independent bookstores, covering approximately 85 percent of trade print sales in the US.) View the full list of providers.

Publishers Marketplace is the exclusive provider of subscriptions to Bookscan data to literary agents, scouts, authors and other qualified independent publishing professionals, at special rates.

The primary service provides unlimited searches and downloads of print book sales data, as an annual subscription. Print data subscribers can also add an ebook sales upgrade, which tracks ebook sales reported by hundreds of publishers on a monthly basis.

For more limited data needs, most Publishers Marketplace members can now enroll for a monthly data package, tracking sales on up to 5 ISBNs a month.

Circana Publishers Marketplace BookScan provides unlimited use of the BookScan US point-of-sale database. The new BookScan platform, launched in 2020, provides more features and data analysis than ever before.

Book sales are shown week-by-week since publication, and tabulated by year-to-date and lifetime as well. Powerful new graphing features let you visualize that data, and even compare up to 10 titles against each other. For more granular data, you can see—and map—book sales across 100 different regional markets.

Agents can generate comprehensive reports for all works by a particular author, and build and save lists of ISBNs to check on a weekly basis, making it easy to track all of their clients’ titles. Enhanced bestseller lists let users select and save a vast range of custom weekly or year-to-date lists across multiple formats and over 100 subject categories, and even build lists by publisher. Plus, all of the data is easily downloadable.

A few important notes:

  • Publishers Marketplace BookScan is available primarily for agents, scouts and authors. Publishers must license directly with Circana.
  • You need a account in your name in order to sign up for Publishers Marketplace BookScan.
  • Each subscription covers one person only, and must be used in compliance with the stated terms of use.
  • A single subscription is $2,500 per year. After the first/primary subscription, each additional user within the same company is charged $500 per year, a substantial discount.

For the most complete view of the marketplace, PM BookScan subscribers have the option of adding ebook sales data through the separate Circana PubTrack Digital service. PubTrack Digital presents actual, complete US ebook unit sales, as reported by more than 450 participating publishers, including the largest US publishers. Circana estimates the service covers 80 percent of the traditionally published ebook market.

PubTrack Digital reports monthly (not weekly) and on a time-delayed basis, with results posted two months after each sales month.

As with Bookscan, on the new platform you can search by author, title or ISBN, and the sales data is both downloadable and graphable. A smaller set of build-your-own ebook bestseller lists is also available.

  • The upgrade price is $600 per year for a single subscription. After the first/primary subscription, each additional user within the same company is $300 per year.

Browse a full Bookscan demo session in this video version of a webinar overview.

Click here to register and request access to Circana Publishers Marketplace BookScan and PubTrack Digital, or write if you have questions about the service.

To track or research sales on a small number of titles, the Data Package image lets you follow weekly print sales from BookScan for up to 5 individual, designated ISBNs, for only $25 a month. It also includes a weekly list of the top 20 bestselling titles, image with unit sales.

For each of the five ISBNs you enter, you'll see US unit sales for the most recent sales week, the year to date, and lifetime, starting in 2004.

For some titles, you will also see actual ebook sales, too. image (When you select a print ISBN to track, if our system detects a matching ebook ISBN for which data is available, that will be displayed as well.)

Real book sales data has never been so accessible or affordable. Eligible PM members include agents, scouts, authors, film/tv people, packagers, editorial services providers, and publicists. Please note: The Data Package is a paid upgrade to a regular PM account.

Click here to register for a Bookscan Data Package. (If you are unable to display the registration page, it means your PM member category is not eligible for this feature.)