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Run by Publishers Lunch (the leading daily newsletter for the book publishing industry) and Publishers Marketplace (our companion web site, providing round-the-clock news, deal reports, and many unique databases and tools that publishing professionals rely on), Bookateria is a giant online book discovery store driven by an "industry insider's" view.

Our focus is books making news and building buzz, as we tap into our comprehensive coverage of the books and authors that booksellers, editors, agents, rights-buyers, reviewers and others are talking about. Bookateria bestseller lists are based on our aggregation and analysis of all major national lists; "recently reviewed" highlights the books getting full-length newspaper reviews in the past week; "just announced" focuses on high-profile surprise acquisitions available soon; and "author deal news" connects our comprehensive deal reports of 50 or more new sales a day to books you can buy right now. Our own staff catalogs "buzz books" that the industry is touting as new discoveries of note, and some of the other featured Bookateria lists draw on recommendations from a variety of booksellers and bellwether award nominations to connect avid readers everywhere to what the publishing industry is talking about.

Publishers Lunch Bookateria also provides a completely private environment for searching books. We do not identify or track your book browsing at all, and no algorithms will come to dubious conclusions about your reading habits. All merchandising decisions are controlled by the Publishers Lunch staff. Store technology and back-end is powered by Random House Digital.

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