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*Hugo Awards Finalists Named (Prize site)
*Pulitzer Board Postpones Prize Announcements from April 20 to May 4 (Prize site)
*Building On His Unremarkable Book The Briefing, Dancing with the Stars Contestant Sean Spicer to Publish New Trump Promo Book On October 13 (Axios)
*Storytel Added Over 70k Customers In the Quarter, Saw "More Than a Doubling" of Enrollments In Last Two Weeks of March (Press Release)
*Diamond Proposes Paying Publishers 25 Percent of What's Owed For Six Weeks (Bleeding Cool)
*Pro Publica Investigation Accuses Amazon of Making KDP A "Safe Space" For White Supremacists (ProPublica)
*Assistant, Publications & Content Licensing [Full Time]
Offered by: Endocrine Society (Washington, DC)  |  Posted: Apr. 7
*Editorial Director [Full Time]
Offered by: minedition US (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Apr. 2
*Senior Editor, Computer Science [Full Time]
Offered by: The MIT Press (Cambridge, MA)  |  Posted: Mar. 30
*Publicist Yale Press [Full Time]
Offered by: Yale University (New Haven, CT)  |  Posted: Mar. 19
*Freelance Serial Fiction Writer-for-Hire [Freelance]
Offered by: Radish Fiction (New York)  |  Posted: Mar. 16
*Freelance Serial Fiction Editors [Freelance]
Offered by: Radish Fiction (Anywhere)  |  Posted: Mar. 16
*Freelance Serial Fiction Story Associate [Freelance]
Offered by: Radish Fiction (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Mar. 16
*Senior Acquiring Editor [Full Time]
Offered by: The Quarto Group (Beverly, MA)  |  Posted: Mar. 16
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Non-fiction: Memoir: Original Freedom Rider and civil rights pioneer Charles Person writing with Richard Rooker's BUSES ARE A COMIN': MEMOIR OF A FREEDOM RIDER, a first-hand account of the 1961 bus rides from Washington, D.C. through several southern states to New Orleans, begun by African-American and white activists including John Lewis and James Farmer to test enforcement of equal access law and ending in a violent attack on both buses by armed mobs in Birmingham, timed to lead into the 60th anniversary of the rides on May 4, 2021, to George Witte at St. Martin's, in a pre-empt, for publication in April 2021, by Greg Johnson at WordServe Literary Group (world).
*Sun Water  by Bianca Rita Cataldi
Offered by: Aurora Peccarisi (HarperCollins Italia)  |  Posted: Apr. 6
*Freedom From Virtual Slavery  by T. Dougherty
Offered by: Travis Dougherty  |  Posted: Apr. 2
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