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Books in the News
Look Both Ways
by Jason Reynolds
(USA Today)
All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days
by Rebecca Donner
(NY Times)
Now is the Time
by Melvyn Bragg
(New Yorker)
The Pursuit of Love
by Nancy Mitford
(The Atlantic)
Headlines from the Automat
UK Judge to Rule in October on Abramovich Libel Suit (AFP)
Ursula K. Le Guin Stamp Unveiled At Portland Art Museum (Press Release)
Harper UK Said to Reach Deal, Apologize to Russian Billionaires Over Aspects of "Putin's People" (Reuters)
The Suspense Is Over: London Book Fair "Heralds the Success" of Delayed, Virtual Fair, Which "Surpassed Our Expectations" (Press Release)
*Production Editor, Workman Publishing [Full Time]
Offered by: Workman Publishing Co. (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Today
*Online Channel Manager - Grupo Editorial
Offered by: Penguin Random House LLC (New York, NY)  |  Posted: July 31
*Senior Marketing Manager [Full Time]
Offered by: (Brooklyn, NY)  |  Posted: July 30
*Managing Editor [Full Time]
Offered by: Hachette Book Group (Philadelphia, PA)  |  Posted: July 30
*Production Manager, College Division [Full Time]
Offered by: W.W. Norton (New York, NY)  |  Posted: July 30
*Editorial Assistant, Biology [Full Time]
Offered by: W.W. Norton (New York, NY)  |  Posted: July 30
*Editorial Assistant, Political Science [Full Time]
Offered by: W.W. Norton (New York, NY)  |  Posted: July 30
*Editorial Associate-Religious Studies/Philosophy and Music [Full Time]
Offered by: University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)  |  Posted: July 30
*Editorial Associate [Full Time]
Offered by: University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)  |  Posted: July 30
*Feeling Less Wrong: Short Stories  by Kolin Jordan
Offered by: Eric Miller (3ibooks Literary Agency)  |  Posted: July 30
*Lucid Design  by Kate Tailor
Offered by: Amy Brewer (Metamorphosis Literary Agency)  |  Posted: July 30
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Today’s Deal
Founder of Going with Grace Alua Arthur's YOUR HAND IN MINE: THIRTEEN DEATHS, ONE LIFE, AND THE RADICAL PROMISE OF FACING OUR MORTALITY TOGETHER, a memoir of the author's journey to becoming America's most visible death doula, revealing that our lives truly begin when we embrace their inevitable end, pitched as MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE meets SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES, to Rakia Clark at Mariner, in a major deal, at auction, by Anna Sproul-Latimer at Neon Literary (world).
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