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Books in the News
Doubting Thomas
by Matthew Clark Davison
(The Rumpus)
Black Leopard, Red Wolf
by Marlon James
(LA Times)
Strange Flowers
by Donal Ryan
The Outlier
by Kai Bird
Headlines from the Automat
NYT On the Late Richard Baron (NYT obituary)
Oxford University Press to Close the Last of Its Printing Division in August, Eliminating 20 Jobs (Guardian)
Black-Owned Bookstore Beyond This February Opens In Spartanburg, SC (Spartanburg Herald Journal)
Dallas Area Gets New Small Indie Bookstores (Dallas News)
*Marketing Manager – Fiction and Non-Fiction [Full Time]
Offered by: HarperCollins (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Senior Manager, Conferences & Conventions [Full Time]
Offered by: HarperCollins (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Associate Art Director [Full Time]
Offered by: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Senior Art Director [Full Time]
Offered by: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
*Uploading Specialist (Freelance) [Project Basis]
Offered by: Radish Fiction (New York, NY)  |  Posted: Yesterday
Offered by: University of California Office of the President (Oakland, CA)  |  Posted: June 13
*General Manager [Full Time]
Offered by: kn literary arts ((Virtual), CO)  |  Posted: June 11
*Freelance Editor [Freelance]
Offered by: Lukeman Literary Management Ltd (New York, NY)  |  Posted: June 11
*Junior Designer, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers [Full Time]
Offered by: Hachette Book Group (New York, NY)  |  Posted: June 11
*The Paper Plane  by text and illustration by Mike Xiaokui
Offered by: Kris Guo (Jade Literary Agency)  |  Posted: Today
*The King's Bodyguard: A Martial Arts Legend Meets the King of Rock 'n Roll  by Dave Hebler
Offered by: Eric Miller (3ibooks)  |  Posted: June 13
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AppSumo founder, employee #30 at Facebook, and host of Noah Kagan YouTube Channel for Entrepreneurs and Noah Kagan Presents podcast Noah Kagan's MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND: BUILD A BUSINESS SO QUICKLY THERE'S NO TIME TO CHICKEN OUT, an energizing two-day challenge to inspire you to move beyond fear to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams, to Merry Sun at Portfolio, in a major deal, at auction, by Lisa DiMona at Writers House (world).
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